Track By Track: Alezzandra – ‘The Black Rose’

New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring a quick peek behind the meanings of The Black Rose, the new EP by Alezzandra. This is a short three song EP but what Alezzandra does in that time frame is magical. The slow drawn burn in the EP is magnified with a gritty undertone, matching the short film shot for the EP below. Take a listen and read the details below!

Bad Woman

“Bad woman” represents who I am today. It was created after realizing that the person I used to be had reached the very deep. I was infatuated by a man who I loved, it put me in such pain and misery and I couldn’t entertain the constant pain. I came to a point were nothing could get any darker, I loved him too hard… I had to reborn to be able to live again.. so I did. I became a woman, a bad one. 

Bad Girl In Heaven

“Bad girl in heaven, good girl in hell”, the title reveals itself, and so I felt. When writing this song the words were screaming out of me. The tenderness had to go​. It didn’t belong there anymore and I wanted to be extreme about it. I always felt like I had to hide my forbidden truth, my art & who I really am. The little girl was gone from that point on.” 

Water Me 

“It was poetic how he was everything I wasn’t, nothing I wanted but all I needed. 

Its ironic how letting go of somebody is harder then falling in love with them. When I gave my heart away to him, he shaped me in unchangeable ways.. to the woman I am today. 

But as art is my addiction, he became my art. “

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Photo by Jhana Parits

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