Track By Track: Beached Boy – ‘Open Island’

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth a track by track of Open Island by Beached Boy. The EP was released on June 30th, peaking with the high rise of summer. Now, the record sits perfectly with a sentimental look back, posed with a lot of care as the months begin to chill out. The song’s are simple, yet portray plenty of memories within their still frame setting. Beach Boy’s four songs are worth taking with an open mind. Read about Open Island below.

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I Can Hardly Wait

(aka Reinventing Cheryl Crowe’s ‘First Cut Is the Deepest’)
This was one of the first songs I ever wrote. I was having really self-degrading dreams after being blindsided by a breakup with my first love. In my waking life I still had our relationship framed in my mind as existent though it was no longer reality.

Cut It Out

I had just completed group therapy sessions for male surviviors of sexual assault when I wrote this. I’m singing to a former self in this one, urging him not to give in to self destructive tendencies.

Pardon, Patience

I moved to Dublin, Ireland to pursue my Masters degree a few years back. I had never lived outside of the States, nor Massachusetts for that matter, and was feeling somewhat isolated as a temporary expat. I started to find my voice and wrote a lot of the bones to songs while I was there and this is one of them. Processing post-traumatic emotions and missing people I care for deeply resulted in this one.

Hold Me Down

I started writing this song overseas and wound up finishing it once we started practicing together. Woes of wealth inequality, racism, and police brutality the world over and across time inspired this one. I’m a gay white cisgendered man living in 2017 America pleading other persons of priveledge to step it up, while taunting those who feel otherwise to silence me.


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