Track By Track: Blue Youth – ‘Dead Forever’

Like a cry from the darkest void, the opening moments of Dead Forever sting a part of the heart with their anguish. Blue Youth present their music with a ton of emotional depth that helps make each part more grueling to become adapted to. Whether through gnashing guitars or the more eerily driven piano on “(The Worst Of It) Is You,” each track has an amount of sonic dread worth taking in to really feel the weight of the instruments. The virulent, loud presence across songs like “Succubus,” “Black Lung” & “So Seizure” help this album’s ferocity ring with a more vicious bite.

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth this in depth track by track by Blue Youth on their recent release, Dead Forever.

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Black Lung:

This was one of the first songs we wrote after the EP and it kind of bridges the sounds of our first and second records. Lyrically the themes on this whole record were much darker. This song draws a parallel between ruining relationships caused by your own behaviour and burning down everything around you and suffocating in the smoke.


We must have been listening to Jesus Lizard or something when we wrote this. Drums and bass were written prior to guitar (I was late to jam..) and then the second half of the song I wrote on an acoustic guitar a bit before. I remember walking in my neighbourhood trying to figure out how to make the word “unapologetic” work in a song. I came up with that spoken word-esque part at the end, and as soon as it was engraved in my brain I knew it had to get hectic and have the same line repeated over and over with as many layers as possible.

So Seizure:

We wrote this one less than a week before recording. It came together very naturally, corresponding through iPhone demos quite a bit. Coined as a “stock riff” we had our good pal Michael Dawson add some bizarre sounds over top, and then finished the song off with using the repetitive line from “Delusional//Unapologetic” backwards over the instrumental break.

(The Worst of it is) You:

I come back to this song often and think it’s my favourite on the album. Dynamically it’s all over the map. We had Madison Nicol play piano on the intro which I think really tied it all together. Thematically, dark as well. “The worst of it through, because the worst of it is you.” I think says it all. One of my favourite post break-up lines.


The song started out with bass and drums, and I had written a riff right before jam that just happened to fit right over top. We originally played the song as an instrumental, and I think we even did a couple shows where I just screamed what I knew the melody would be, but no actual words. We all more-or-less grew up in a punk-rock/hardcore music scene, and this song brings that to life more than any other.

Dead Forever:

The title track of the album. It took a few different approaches to the syncopated verse, as far as the bass and drums go, until we settled on this version. I was worried the guitar line in the chorus was too poppy, but Jon and Garret really darkened it up. Having Jonah from Ghosts of Modern Man/Bright Black/White Women really took it over the edge!


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