Track By Track: Cold Reading – Sojourner EP

After releasing their huge single “Books & Comfort” in late July, which gained a lot of attention in Germany, UK and Switzerland, Cold Reading are now set to release their new EP Sojourner through Krod Records. The record consists of four heartwarming, inspirational tracks situated somewhere between contemporary indie rock and ’90s influenced emo.

The House & The Arrival:

During the writing process, the band withdrew to a small cabin in the back-country of their hometown. With wintery temperatures outside and comforting warmth by the fireplace inside, the four songs that are now released on Sojourner came to life. The intention was to capture that cosy, pleasant and peaceful atmosphere the group experienced up there in the music as well. The cover design goes along with this nicely. The cabin symbolizes the consoling sensation and the warmth of having arrived.

Sojourner means arriving and finding refuge:

Looking for a place in this world was already the central motive behind the lyrics on Cold Reading’s first album, where the main concern was the search. That has been accomplished with the band’s enormous sound, dialing in with pulsing rhythms that shake the core of listeners. Opener “Books & Comfort” is lead by a bellowing bass line, with the rest of the instruments howling over top, really driving home a nostalgic and relatable feeling of seeking peace. With this EP, Cold Reading make sure their attention is directed quickly and to the point of every listener, showing softer sides when needed and more abrasive crashes. Sojourner is a dynamic listen, and Cold Reading provided an in depth look into the EP exclusively with New Noise Magazine.

Purchase Sojourner here.


Books & Comfort
One of our more streamlined songs. We chose it as a single and the opening track to the EP because we liked the idea of kicking things off in an upbeat manner. Books & Comfort was the last song we wrote for ‘Sojourner’ and there was a rather conscious effort to keep things on a high-energy level throughout; we felt like the EP needed that. Lyrically, it deals with human shortcomings and our ways to deal with them. We tend to ever repeat the same mistakes and return to the same habits over and over again. The song appeals to me to deal with my shortcomings in a more composed and calm way. Only if I can reconcile with myself can I change my behaviour.

Our title track and one of our favourites. It displays the typical Cold Reading dynamics of quiet, spacious parts giving way to more intense verses and anthemic choruses. Playing this song live is so much fun. We messed around with some synth and drum pads in the intro, which sonically helps conveying the cosy feeling of familiarity you get when you reach your destination. The song, and in a way the whole EP, is about the search for that feeling and the hope of arriving somewhere you want to call home.

Roads & Peril
A more upbeat song again, ‘Roads & Peril’ opens Side B in the vein of ’Books & Comfort’ did Side A. As you can tell from the song titles alone, the two pairs of songs are mirroring each other. The protagonist in ‘Roads & Peril’ is driven by voices telling him to go further and further to escape the misfortunes chasing him. These lyrics were inspired by a recurring dream of mine where I run for miles without knowing what I’m running from. The intensifying, accelerating rhythms in the C-Part of the song accentuate the restlessness of the protagonist.

The closing track is marked by the melancholic yet somewhat hopeful sentiment that decorated ‘Sojourner’, too. Here, the focus lies on my personal fears, though. I am a doubter and tend to look for my own errors first. I had to learn to trust myself. In the end, ‘Scratches’ is about finding my place in the world by beginning to accept and like the person I am. Writing the instrumentals for this song proved to be very hard and laborious, as we tried to leave our comfort zone. We failed at keeping things very quiet throughout, however, and couldn’t resist throwing in a crescendo. One the other hand, the way the crescendo gives way to a weirdly bouncy verse part does feel like a novelty in our catalogue. It’s a tricky song to pull off live, but it was predestined to become the closer of the EP with the way it segues back into the semi-electronic beat and synth in the end and then fades into nothing.


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