Track By Track: Crash The Calm – ‘How’ve You Been?’

Crash The Calm recently released How’ve You Been? through Downport Records. The record boasts reflective songs with plenty of ambient melodies. Opening song “The Ambient Sound of Traffic” is littered with soaring hooks, both from the lead guitar and the vocals. Styled on packing a punch than pulsing with blistering speed, Crash The Calm make every song bleed with emotive energy. “Irish Exit” leaves the listener restless, wanting to hear more of the croons and pummeling passion from the Nassau County act.

Not afraid of spilling their guts, Crash The Calm stopped by New Noise Magazine to discuss each track off of How’ve You Been?. This is an album that channels emo and alternative rock and does not ask for permission. It kicks and screams with the best of the genre, including plenty of tracks with walls of guitars and percussive beats. The dynamics across the LP are astounding, coming to life on tracks like “Take Your Medicine” and the much more driven closer “Demolished.”

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“The Ambient Sound of Traffic” is a song about a place that you once loved and called your home changing before your eyes. It is no longer the same but you’re blinded by an idolized memory of it. Instead of moving on, you’re stuck in the same spot like in Groundhog Day, reliving the same events with different faces.

“I Am the Reason” is about realizing you’re the only one who can change the situation you’re in and that I needed to leave it.

“Holes” is the low point of the record. The stand out line of the song “don’t coming looking for me” was inspired by something I said in real life when I was in a bad way with a self-destructive mind set. The place that you’re in right now seems like something bigger than you, something you can’t handle. But you just need to put it in perspective, just because you’re broken doesn’t mean you’re unfixable. Life’s a lot like picture…if you focus on all of the imperfections; you miss the beauty of it all.

“Take Your Medicine” was inspired by a scene in a movie called Are You There? in which an Amish boy with schizophrenia tells the main character (who also suffers from mental illness) that god said he wants him to take his medicine. It represents an internal battle which I relate to which is to take your medicine and kill what makes you you, or don’t and destroy every relationship you care about the most.

“Bridge Street” is an ode to Oswego, NY. I spent two years of my life there…the most important two years in my opinion. The song was written when I dropped out of college. It’s a rally cry. A song to tell myself I’m better off being home, even if I didn’t believe it at the time.

“Goodbye and Good Luck” is in reality Bridge St. part 2, it’s the story of my departure. It’s a song very personal to me and I don’t think the details need to be out there for all the world to know, but this song is about a choice to give up or get better and at the time when I wrote it I really wasn’t sure which one I was going to choose.

“Irish Exit” is about being too far gone at a party and just wanting out…but also symbolically wanting out of life. Everyone has had that moment when you’re in a crowded room and all you really want is to be alone. Because deep down you have nothing in common with this crowd of people enjoying themselves. It’s something that personally happens to me often, just slip out the back door before anyone realizes how fucked up you are

“The Sailor, The Sea” was inspired by the Deadliest Catch, more specifically the scenery from the show. I just wanted to write a song that captured the feeling of being on a sinking ship as the waves crash over the deck and the lights flicker out, knowing there’s nothing you can do. I just wanted to capture and imagine what my final thoughts would be in that situation. In all honesty that’s how I felt for a while like I was in a sinking ship and there was nothing I could do.

“…And The Real World” was written pre-Crash The Calm and is almost a prelude to the record. It’s not a song of blame, it’s a song about realizing that sitting around and waiting for something to change is not a solution.

“Demolished” is the old crow leaving the winter storm. It’s about not living in the past and not looking back in anger

Upcoming Shows:

June 23rd @ E.I. Lanes (East Islip, NY)

July 22nd @ Susiepalooza Benefit Festival (Deer Park, NY) [opening for Grayscale]

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Crash The Calm is also doing a giveaway of a CD and Merch Bundle until July 1st!

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