Track By Track: The Dirty Nil – ‘Minimum R&B’

The Dirty Nil possess a music styling that is abrasive and packed with raw energy. The band’s latest release, Minimum R&B showcases this gritty power perfectly. Opening track “Fuckin’ Up Young” slams home a refrain that is dominated by thick guitar chords, with gnashing vocals scraping the foundation of the track. “Nicotine” has an upbeat spirit rolling through the spirit of the drum lines, patterning a quick burst of passion through the song’s rhythm structure. The natural rasp of the vocals on the song help The Dirty Nil retain their name’s identity, a gravelly and courageous garage band sound full of high octane punk energy.

The Canadian trio just got off a tour with The Menzingers & The Flatliners. Minimum R&B was released April 28th via Fat Wreck Chords & Dine Alone Records. The Dirty Nil had time to discuss the meanings of each track on their infectious release (also showcasing their incredible charm and humor), which is short and to the point just like their music. Listen to the record below and read the meanings of some of the best high energy tracks of 2017.

Purchase Minimum R&B here.


1. “Fuckin’ Up Young”

people always ask: “how tired are you of singing this song?” And I say listen up you fuck, I will NEVER be tired of singing this fucking song. I’m happy to release it to the children in its new remastered, louder format.

2. “Verona Lung”

love songs are for assholes

3. “Little Metal Baby Fist”

(see above) also, pro tip: recording vocals totally naked WILL yield spooky results.

4. “Hate is a Stone”

Rick Danko for prime minister of heaven 2017

5. “Cinnamon”

haven’t seemed to be able to get a relationship over that 8 month mark

6. “Guided by Vices”

Stompin’ Tom Conners and boredom, and coffee.

7. “Nicotine”

fan the dials to 10 and have some fun, you’re gonna die someday.

8. “Beat”

too much coffee, not enough singing lessons

9. “New Flesh”

melody is for the weak

10. “Pale Blue”

revenge and Big black on repeat.

11. “Caroline”

few things sweeter than a failing tube amplifier.

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