Track By Track: My Goodness – ‘Scavengers’

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Seattle’s My Goodness released their sophomore LP Scavengers through Votiv Music and Freakout Records on June 2nd of 2017. Utilizing multiple influences to produce palpable and sensational tracks, the duo of Joel Schneider and Andy Lum continue to make a ruckus in the Pacific Northwest. Scavengers is a more atmospheric and emotional than their debut Shiver + Shake. While still combining driving drum patterns, such as “Silver Lining,” My Goodness expand on their sound by adding interesting dynamics via keys and other instruments to showcase a new layer of the band.

The record was approached with an entirely different mentality by My Goodness, and in turn that has allowed for Scavengers to sound that much more interesting. “Elevators” utilizes octave harmonized pianos and synths to batter against a pounding drum beat, effectively letting the track soar with catchy hooks. “White Witches” features a groove squirming through a decadent chord progression, with a swirling vocal delivery that gives the song a dream like texture. Every song has a unique space, and My Goodness stopped by to talk about just that; the entirety of beauty that is Scavengers (and let’s not forget the title track being a blistering banger as well).

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Was one of the last two songs we finished writing while in the studio tracking the record. This song kind of encompassed the general feeling of change that came along with the writing of this album. We did things differently and had an embrace any and all ideas kind of mindset. Sometimes that feeling leaves you a little bit lost in direction, but if you push forward things tend to eventually come into focus.

“Silver Lining”

This song touches on the feeling you have after a recent break up. That need to remind yourself of why your life will be better moving forward, and the realization that the other person is probably doing the same thing regarding you. Finding that silver lining so to speak.


One of the first songs we wrote for Scavengers. This song touches on the feeling of vulnerable invincibility you have when you truly connect with someone for the first time. Feeling like your on cloud nine but knowing that feeling is fragile.


I grew up in a extremely religious environment that practiced very fundamental, old world style suppression of sexuality. This song is about a specific instance when I was a very young teenager attending a church affiliated summer camp. I had been seen “talking too much” with a particular girl. Typical teenage flirting was punished with an entire day locked by myself in a dark windowless room. I was brought food and had to ask to use the bathroom. It was a strange and unforgettable experience to say the least, but also an incredibly eye opening one for my young self.


Soon before we began writing Scavengers I moved near the water. I always had a view of the lake while writing so some of my lyrics took on somewhat of a water theme. I spent many late nights staring out at the lake until something would come to mind. In some cases it got more literal than others. For this song I just fully embraced it.

“White Witches”



Title track of the record. This song is all about fighting for whatever or whoever it is that you love.

“Ghost Town”

The other of the two songs we finished writing while in the studio. Fun fact: Our working title for this song was ‘Sean Paul’ because our demo version had this slamming reggaeton beat to it. We obviously toned it back a bit and used real drums, but we definitely got the most experimental with this one.

“Lazy Love”

The ‘slow song’ on the record. Sometimes in long term relationships a certain amount of comfortability eventually sets in, and if you’re not aware, can easily turn into complacency. In those moments it’s important to remind yourself of why you love that person and to make an effort to show it. This song was a reminder to myself of that.


Religious guilt was a very real thing for kids and young adults that grew up in a similar fashion to myself. I know I battled with it all the way through my teens. Even though I had developed my own thoughts and beliefs, I felt brainwashed by the ones the were drilled into my mind during my youth. To anyone who struggles letting go of unrealistic religious dogma that they know to be wrong, you will be alright if you just trust yourself and find your own path.

“Cut Teeth”

First song for Scavengers was written in between Shiver + Shake touring. Was put together in a more of a hurry than our other songs on Scavengers so I think that comes through. It’s fast. in your face, and to the point. Was a no-brainer as an album ender.


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