Track By Track: Icaria – ‘Transcendent’

Since their inception in July 2015 in Atlanta, GA, Icaria have carved a progressive and ambitious metal sound underpinned by a dynamic and thundering instrumental delivery and complemented by soaring melodic choruses and an exhilarating cohesion. Today, we’re pleased to bring you the track by track of the band’s new release Transcendent (read it below).

Transcendent is scheduled to be released on July 14th through Cardigan Records. You can purchase the album here: Physical  | iTunes


I Am Destroyer

“I Am Destroyer” lyrically was written by Marc and I both, much like most of the songs off “Transcendent”. We both wanted the song to be about overcoming obstacles and oppressors life throws at all of us, but it was also a song we felt should definitely have a darker vibe to it.

Musically I wrote it wanting to approach it from the heavier side of the spectrum while still incorporating some of the “creepy” sounding elements we enjoy putting into our sound.

The outcome in total for “I Am Destroyer” is a very heavy, dark, and angry track. Which we felt really helps establish the feel of our entire album.

Callous Warrior

In many ways Callous Warrior is about an individual who is being suppressed by someone who has a position of leverage over that individual. The struggle one can go thru when they’re being pushed into a corner by a superior over and over again can be a serious battle and our hope would be that the battle always turn an individual into a warrior someone who pushes back for their own self.

The case isn’t always so, but after listening to this song maybe someone who doesn’t stand up and fight back will have some inspiration to do so in Callous Warrior.


During the time we were writing the album, “Collide” derived from a tragic incident that affected everyone in our band. We had a close friend pass away from a drug overdose, and we knew we wanted to honor his friendship in some sort of way on this record.

The songs opening riff originated from Ricky (Lead guitarist/Screamer) jamming while we were in the process of pre-production. A few of us overheard Ricky messing around and we were like, “ Yes! this needs to be used.” Afterwards, the song came together quickly and pretty organically.

As for the Lyrics, they are about remembering someone’s spirit through the physical and/or intangible moments of everyday life. When the idea of a music video was floating around, we landed on hiring Mike Hale to direct/edit and co produce alongside the band. We are stoked with how it turned out and are really excited to share it with you all today.

Dilate Your Mind

In life, to doubt yourself and the direction you are headed can be a monumental struggle, sometimes more than others, but with “Dilate your mind” we definitely wanted to tackle that disbelief and doubt.

We want, as individuals, as best friends and as brothers to stay positive and always moving forward, and to not succumb to negativity, worry, doubt and the like.

Ultimately, we all feel a very large part of what makes us who we are and who we become is predicated on how each person handles their own self doubt and disbelief and having a song written about that is pretty awesome to us.

Vision Like Fire

Seems like people these days are so quick to judge others and ask questions later rather than getting to know the person or understand their situation. It’s basically about not letting outside opinions or hate & outside noise of the world get you down or affect what your trying to achieve with your life.

Recall, Reflect

Lyrically this song is about anxiety and dealing with issues that may have happened in one’s life and trying to cope with it. Trying to see that the grass is greener on the other side type of thing. Instead of moving on, sometimes it is hard to accept the past and end up in a cycle of regret.

Earth I: Behold Your Sun

The Earth songs on this album are the beginnings of a story I wanted to tell. I also didn’t want to do a concept album, at least not yet. So approaching this story in a new a different way was important to me and was something I put a great deal of effort into both musically and lyrically.

The story is about a man, the main character, that finds himself in a deep level of meditation and through this meditative state finds the strongest connection to nature and his surroundings.

Because of this deep connection to the Earth and this intensely deep state of meditation the main character begins experiencing the creation of Earth and all that encompasses the planet’s creation and it’s earliest life.

In “Earth I: Behold Your Sun”, Earth, by means of proxy through the man in his state of mediation, Earth tells us how the Sun impacted it’s birth, and growth. The relationship between the Sun and Earth is one of necessity for Earth. Sometimes experiencing painful growth from the benefits the Sun has on him (Earth).

Earth also tells us how it was created, and what it felt, saw, smelled, tasted, and heard, describing, and telling the story of Earth as a living, breathing human being would experience it. Which this is the main characters mission which within the story the main character is, essentially, Earth.

Earth II: Halo

The story of “Earth II: Halo” begins where “Earth I: Behold Your Sun” leaves off. Here, Earth tells us how it’s relationship with the moon, or “Halo” in the story, impacts it’s life and it’s growth.

Halo has a soothing and healing connection with Earth. After beginning its life first in the harsh light of Sun, Halo allows for a time of rest and a period to reset.

Earth is aware that the journey it’s embarked upon has many more chapterso left ahead and the soothing presence of Halo will prove to be a very beneficial connection for Earth throughout his existence.

The Earth story does not conclude here and I’m super excited to continue the story and for our fans to experience this story as we move forward.

Dialogue of Remembrance

This instrumental track was a means for me to give the album a change of pace and also a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings through improvisational guitar playing. My guitar and music has often been my purest voice and expression of my thoughts and feelings. So the end outcome is a track that definitely means a lot to me.

Resurrect Serenity

“Resurrect Serenity” lyrically was written from the perspective of an individual driven by angst. After going through some tough times in life it came easy to vent through music.

I had written the verse guitar part while experiencing some of these tough times. I brought this music to Marc and between us both we poured out the more aggressive feelings we both have felt before.

We felt like this aggressive emotion fit the music and wrote our lyrics around this idea.

What we ended with is a heavy, epic, and still beautiful song that sums up most of what we have felt over the course of writing the entire album of Transcendent.

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