Track By Track: Lizzy Farrall – ‘All I Said Was Never Heard’

Full of introspective lyrics and hooks packed with immediacy, Lizzy Farrall is one of the first artists bringing 2018 into perspective. The U.K. singer releases All I Saw Was Never Heard today, January 5th, via Pure Noise Records. A bright and early shining star of the new year, the EP is five songs laced with emotional cataclysms that are a familiar territory for many.

Opener “Broken Toy” breathes with incredible dynamics, bobbing with a steady beat and a vocal delivery impassioned  in trying to find a way through a lonely situation. The song’s chorus is rather lively, allowing for a natural tension to split the heart with it’s silencing and intimate outro. While the first two tracks are more solemn in atmosphere, “Better With” bounces with urgency, finally being carried out of an emotional ditch. With powerful chords ringing against the ear drums, the careful delicacies of the percussion and rhythm really stand out against the structure. Farrall showcases her knack of bringing something to unique to each song, even the acoustic closer “Hollow Friends.”

New Noise Magazine is pleased to bring forth an in depth peek at All I Saw Was Never Heard with this exclusive track by track from Lizzy Farrall. Take a listen to the EP and read along to uncover the meanings behind these five tracks.

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Broken Toy

I wrote “Broken Toy” about a past relationship and still having feelings for that person when they have, themselves moved on.

The lyrics are about the stages you go through in a break up, such as trying anything to get over that someone, that everything is reminding you of that person and the jealousy of them moving on.

Pack Of Wolves

“Pack Of Wolves” Is a very personal song I don’t really like going into exactly what the song is about, its based around family issues and conflict, I prefer to let listern take their own interpretation of the song.

Better With

The lyrics are about finding someone who completely takes you out of a rut you’ve been stuck in, but also you have a fear that the feelings you have are not mutual due to similar situations in past relationships which have left you with lack of trust.

Better Off

“Better Off”’s lyrics are sort of part two of “Better With”

That relationship that I’m singing about didn’t turn out that great. Everything initially seems amazing, but when you step back and think, you see that actually there’s a lot of underlying stuff going on there and it’s coming to terms you were lead on to believe something that was very far from the truth.

Hollow Friends

“Hollow Friends” is possibly one of the most personal songs on the EP, In my early teenage years I survived with mental health issues and “Hollow Friends” is written about the wrong coping mechanisms I was using to try and overcome these issues. It focuses on the fear I had with abandonment and I would push people away and not want to get close to anyone out of fear.

It is also my favorite arrangements out of all my songs on the EP.

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