Track By Track: Modern Racket – Today’s Riddle

Modern Racket has recently come to the forefront with their blend of pop-rock and indie; underpinned by soaring melodies and toe-tapping riffs – for fans of artists like Weezer and The Black Keys.

The band provided us with the exclusive track by track of their latest EP Today’s Riddle – read it below.


1.) I’m Ok

This was the first song we ended up recording with while in the studio, so that technically makes it the most exciting song we recorded that day. This was the beginning of the recording process so there’s much to be expected and learned from the first track. Finding your perfect timing and setting the tempo for the album would all come down to this first song. It was a pretty awesome experience.

2.) Today’s Riddle

The simplicity of this song made it really fun to record. Getting out of the comfort zone of other tempos and focusing on a more rock ‘n’ roll, groovy, jam was definitely a change of pace, and the vibes were there.

3.) On My Own

When we slowed it down to focus on a more personal song, such as this one, we needed to travel through ourselves and each other to know the emotion being executed. The atmosphere gave us the attitude needed to complete this tune with the respect it deserved.

4.) I Like You

This one was fun! Everyone was definitely on the right page while recording this one! And as for our drummer Chris, he was actually still learning most of these songs throughout the studio time so when it came to this song he still didn’t quite have all of the hits and fills down. He pretty much improvised on the spot and it surprised us all, including the engineers! Good job Chris!

5.) Forget

An interesting song given that it’s basically the only ballad we have on the album. It’s a different tone than all the other songs for sure, but the real surprise was the fact that we didn’t want to record this song at first. It felt a little soft and during the time it was seen as an acoustic song. Until of course Chris came in with the drums and boogied down a tasty backline while our guitar player (Andy Heine) surprised us with his twelve string we didn’t know he had let alone knew how to play. That’s right. A twelve string. Overall the song is an instant classic with us and we are so glad it made it on the album. Sadly Andy is no longer with us and now we have the one and only Brandon Biggers!

6.) I Do What I Want To Do

Fast paced. Took like two tries to get down. Easy peasy. In and out with this song. Next!

7.) Walk The Talk

(Deep breathes) Woah. “Woaaaaaaooooah!!” Haha! If you listen to the chorus you can hear multiple voices in the “Woahs” parts. That’s because we had the entire studio in on this song! Including the engineers! How could they pass that up? We suggested that those “woah” parts should have an ensemble to it to give it more attitude and it worked! This song is one to remember for us!

8.) Farewell

The last song on the record is not to be taken for granted. We ironically recorded this one last too! Farewell is a tune that has such a deep meaning for us and we really wanted to save this one for last because we wanted to really work hard to make this final song go, “BOOM!” We kept going back over it to add more parts and we feel the song came out pretty damn good! Still gives us chills every time we listen to it! Thank you!

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