Track By Track: Monogold – ‘Babyfood’

On September 29th, Monogold released their record Babyfood. A record filled with luscious tones and bright textures, the eight songs that make up the soundscape of the trio’s release offer much more in their layers. Opening track “Cinnamon” is alluring thanks to the atmospheric swells, glittered with guitar leads and vocal melodies that are infectious to the ear. It’s the type of song that begs to be hummed throughout the rest of the day, and that’s just how Babyfood opens.

Right into the next couple of tracks, Monogold showcase how simple song writing is effective on sweeping listeners off of their feet. Their chord progressions are never too exotic, but their craftsmanship shines in how they can place their melodies and use them as an orchestra of soulful bliss. “Pink Lemonade” is exactly that, swinging back and forth with a steady pulse of delicate instrumentals. “Labia Lagoon” is full of warmth, led by a powerful vocal delivery that seems to be coming from the very sky above. Here Monogold let the drums sit idle, showcasing how powerful their structures can be even without a snapping foundation.

New Noise Magazine was able to have Monogold go into depth on their new, fantastic release Babyfood. Listen to the record below and read more about the incredible ideas embedded into each track.

Purchase the album here.

1) Cinnamon – This opening track is about the lustful appetite we can have toward skin and another body or form. It uses the allure of sweets and candy, as the insationable urge to physically have another thing.

2) Pink Lemonade – This track is about firsts of youth. Specifically first kisses and the magic of the unknown in others

3) Gush – This is an instrumental track that sort of felt fluid and lush. Kind of a sensual seque

4) Feelers – This song is about the first time you recognize that crazy fire ball in the sky that we called the sun, and the first time you feel it on your naked skin. This controlled chaos and how it moves and creates life under it while they in turn are also creating life

5) Eye Colour – This is about new eyes coming into the world and seeing color for the first time

6) Naked – This track is about how normal and natural it is to actually just be naked. Like skinny dipping for the first time, amd how unfortunate it is that were stuck in a bunch of stupid clothes

7) Labia Lagoon – This song is about a dream I had about riding a blue flamingo to Labia Lagoon, where all the flowers were vaginas

8) Babyfood – This is Jareds daughter Indiana, we layered her voice at certain ages in her life, from 6 months to 3 years old


Photo by Diana Larios

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