Track By Track: Orchards – Idle EP

We’re pleased to bring you the track by track of Orchards’ latest EP Idle, which is scheduled to be released through We Are Triumphant on December 8th. You can pre-order the EP on iTunes. Check out the track by track below as you stream the release in full.

Vile Me

Vile Me is about a toxic relationship I was in where the only time it seemed we were happy together was when we were making each other miserable. She was over bearing and controlling and I️ was untrusting and judgmental. We got so comfortable dealing with each other that we ignored all of the warning signs pointing towards how bad things actually were. After we split, she still tried getting into my head and wreaking havoc on the new life I built for myself that didn’t include her. She brought out side of me that I never want to see again.

Inside Out

This song is an ode to Vile Me, but from another perspective. It’s about being addicted to bad love. You know it’s destroying you, yet you can’t let go and become addicted to the idea of someone you love causing you pain. It seems the people we love the most, are often the ones that are the worst for our mental health and well being. It’s about how hard it is to maintain good judgement in a co- dependent relationship.

Rise Up

Rise Up was the first track we wrote and released as Orchards. It’s our anthem and a big middle finger to the naysayers. This band was started when Rj and I lived in different states. A lot of people didn’t believe that I would make it to Texas and even more swore that we wouldn’t even make it to playing shows. Fast forward a little over a year later and we are thriving. Don’t be afraid to chase something you believe in.

The Grey

The Grey is about fake people who say they want the best for you, but are the first ones to tell you to give up when things don’t align with their agenda. These kinds of people live and breathe fake kindness to get what they want. They’re always the first in line for a hand out and the last to be heard from the second things start going wrong. Essentially, we’re saying we see through the bullshit and won’t be brought down by leeches.


Broken is about being in a deep depressive state that swallows me whole and unfortunately it’s a feeling that consumes me often. It’s a cry for help and an admission to myself that I am my own worst enemy and I know that it’s going to take more than just myself to heal. It shows how much of a difference it makes having someone or something to draw positivity from and kind of acts as a light to that darkness. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You don’t have to be alone.

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