Track By Track: Pyrite Sidewalk – rôr′shäk’ EP

California’s Pyrite Sidewalk released their new EP rôr′shäk’ on March 15, 2019 through Manic Kat Records. We’re excited to share with you the band’s track by track of the release (read below). You can purchase the EP through iTunes, as well as stream it via Spotify.

Taking influence from the likes of Underoath, Saosin & Taking Back Sunday, Pyrite Sidewalk is back with their high-octane and resonating brand of rock, honing a melting pot of influences from across punk, alternative and post-hardcore and molding them together for an incisive and highly accomplished end product.

Driving guitar work intertwines with emotive and relatable lyricism, with Pyrite Sidewalk demonstrating the best of both heavy and melodic alternative rock, as they continue their musical progression with new EP rôr′shäk’.

Pyrite Sidewalk - rôr′shäk'



This song reflects not being able to deal with the constant struggle of anxiety and depression. All the while wanting desperately to fix yourself. This is the first song we wrote on the EP and set the tone for the rest of the record.

“Plastic Flowers”

In Plastic Flowers the lyrics are about unintentionally hurting someone you truly love, in the end regretting the mistakes you made and ultimately taking them for granted.

“Pictures Painted”

This is basically a conversation between my sister and I about our rough upbringing. We always clung to each other in bad times. The chorus explains that we were separated for many years due to our family situation.


This song is about a person who is manipulative and did everything in his power to take what he wanted without regard for human emotion.

“The Door”

This is about lacking self-confidence and not having the strength to get through each day. Sometimes not believing in yourself makes the smallest tasks seem huge. The need to surround yourself with other people so you aren’t left alone with your thoughts.

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