Track By Track: The Sore Losers – ‘Skydogs’

The Sore Losers are a Belgian rock group that exhume raw energy within their sound. The group released their record Skydogs last November, and are currently gearing up to hit South By Southwest for their live performances in the U.S. From the ear bending “Cherry Cherry” to the grooving “All I Am,” the record is one that bites with power and energy. Before checking them out in Austin, Texas for South By, read up The Sore Losers explaining every track off their marvelous release Skydogs.

1. “Blood Moon Shining”

Heavy riffing going on here. This is the perfect opener fort the album. A slow, doomlike repetitive riff creeps forward, layered with Ozzy-style vocals. The character’s howling at a blood moon whilst carrying out heathen, nightly rituals that are just to obscure to see the light of day. Then at the end, a fuzzy riffexplosion picks up the pace and you just know you’re in for some serious trouble.

2. “Got it Bad”

This was the very first song we recorded for our new album SKYDOGS. We wrote, recorded and mixed the album in ten days with producer Dave Cobb in a studio in Berlin. Got it bad set the tone for this intense, short collaboration. We walked into the studio sat down with some acoustic guitars and worked out the parts, wrote the lyrics and recorded. We started of with the chorus, coming in strong and followed by a fuzzy countermelody. In the verse we hold back in the instrumentation to make way for this staccato almost rap like vocal with attitude. Cause this guy really got it bad for this femme fatale that’s getting a hold of him. Big Ringo Star like drum fills take you back to the chorus. Dave suggested to write a progression underneath the solo which turned out great. The solo itself is melodic with a slow vibrato, it makes you want to singalong to it which i actually did and we just left in there as you can hear somewhere around 2.23. The songs hits its final with a repetition of the chorus and a delay on the vocals that is freaking out all over the place.

3. “Cherry Cherry”

This is our tribute to our beloved MC5. It’s fast, it rocks and it rolls. It’s a song about sex, about fucking, there’s no other way to put it and this character knows where. The energy is up and the pants are down. Let’s get it on!

4. “Can’t You See Me Running”

Groovy! Influenced by the Rolling Stones and the Black Crowes, this is us trying to weave the guitars like these big dogs and it worked out very tastefully. The chorus is catchy as hell and the middle eight is just so much fun to play live and jam on. The first line sets the tone for the main character: a streetdog in the rain.

5. “Emily”

Every record needs a single. This is the single.

6. “Dirty Little Pretty Thing”

Fast paced rocker with a prominent shuffle on the snare drum. This is yardbirds, golden earring style influence stuff, hence the very cool repetitive lick in the chorus.

7. “All I Am”

This is the ballad. Big Ringo star like drum fills and a big open harmonized chorus. The melodic development in this one is pretty cool, check out the Chris Isaak like guitar line in the middle eight.

8. “Nightcrawler”

Nighttime. Hedonism. Sex. Drugs. Rock n roll. After midnight, we’re gonna let it al hang out.

9. “Don’t Want It Here”

There’s a fear hanging around and it’s not wanted. People are scared and it influences their thinking, not always for the better. This was inspired by the terrorist attacks at a rock show in le bataclan in Paris. The music is protopunk stooges like, high energy, perfectly captivating the threat communicated through the lyrics.

10. “White Whale”

This is a song about feeling bad and being on the verge of sinking too deep. It’s about living with your demons and finding a way to throw that monkey of your back, silence the black dog or drowning that white whale that’s been haunting you all your life. Or is it the other way around? It’s heavy, thematically and musically.


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