Track By Track – Speak The Truth… Even If Your Voice Shakes – ‘Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You’

Members of Senses Fail & Finch have formed a supergroup, Speak The Truth… Even If Your Voice Shakes. On November 10th, the group released their debut, Everyone You Love Will Slip Away from You. The record comes as a seismic change in multiple members lives, allowing for plenty of introspection and reflection to be placed into the project. The highlights of this record come from the harmonious progressions; establishing a hook driven record that speaks meanings in its words, as evidenced by opener “The Upside Down” with lyrics like “love can change the world.”

With incredibly guitar licks and high flying melodies, Speak The Truth… Even If Your Voice Shakes is more of a statement and experience than just an album. The record is full of experiences and life stories embedded into well produced narratives. New Noise Magazine is pleased to present a track by track of Everyone You Love Will Slip Away from You, provided by Speak The Truth… Even I Your Voice Shakes. This record has plenty of heart, and one can hear that below as they read along.

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The Upside Down

Daniel: I had this guitar lick that was kind of this backwards ‘Black Dog’ kinda lick in a major scale, and we intentionally wanted that classic Finch style half-time beat, originally the entire track had that same half-time feel but the song wasn’t really taking off. Then one day at practice we were playing around with the verse arrangement and the double time feel really turned the song around and started to make the rest of the arrangement make sense. I remember Buddy and I spending a good amount of time jamming those chorus chords and adding the pushes that make it feel really distinct. The working title for this song was “The Upside Down”, I was making a habit of naming all of my demos and ideas after Strange Things, It’s kinda of funny that this one stuck, but it’s a great song title and totally works with Buddy’s lyrics. We were all really stoked on the chorus lyrics and melody and Grizzly and I spent a long time recording and arranging the background vocals to really try and take Buddy’s chorus over the top.

Grizz: This was the first song I mixed for the record, and it was my baby during production. It had to be perfect. I’m so glad it’s the opening track. Put your best foot forward right?!

Mornings Mournings

Daniel: This track came together pretty easily, this was one of the later tracks that we wrote, I kinda felt like we needed a pretty straight forward Green Day style song… I mean, it doesn’t really sound like Green Day but I was definitely in that frame of mind, the verses kind of have that ‘Welcome To Paradise’ vibe. The guitar hook in the choruses really came out of a desire for me to write a hook that didn’t have to exist only in a transition, I really wanted to have a hook that would stay out of the way of a vocal but still stand on it’s own. Buddy’s opening line “You came into my life like a gunshot” is one of my favorites on the record, it’s a pretty rad way to kick off a song!

Crash My Car

Daniel: We had just started talking to Buddy about doing a record, and I was driving around listening to the radio thinking “What the hell am I gonna write for this new project?” and I heard that Coldplay song “The Adventure Of A Lifetime” which has this amazingly quick and nimble guitar hook. I immediately came home and was inspired to write a fast, repetitious hook, something as poppy and familiar as I could muster, and the lead line just popped out, it was the first thing I played when I picked up my guitar that day. Those moments in songwriting are pretty special, when you don’t have to fight it at all.

Carpenter In Prison

Daniel: This song was definitely an exercise in simplicity for me. This song also came together from the lead line, and I had to be pretty intentional about not making it an overly noodly guitar song, I think that’s why we landed on that really simple straight forward verse groove. Buddy came to the table with these incredible lyrics and such a powerful chorus, he really took a simple song and turned it into something special. I can’t express enough how excited we were at the time to be hearing him bring these songs to life, it was such a breath of fresh air for us. I think my proudest moment on the record is the guitar arrangement in the quiet outro of this song, I’m really glad that made the cut.

Everyone You Love Will Slip Away From You

Daniel: I had written this very John Frusciante single note lick and in my mind that’s how I wanted the track to feel, Grizzly came in and was like “no dude, let’s make this a huge monster riff” I think it’s one of the most explosive things we’ve written. I remember spending a good amount of time in the practice room with all of us, really searching for the verse vibe, we landed on this Smiths vibe with Pappas carving out some really musical moments on drums. Pappas’ drumming on this song really stokes me out and Buddy really out did himself on lyrics with this one, he really took this song to a place I didn’t think was possible.

Grizz: Can’t say I share the same appreciation for Frusciante that Daniel has. But this is typical for Daniel and I’s writing partnership. Daniel writes a riff. And then I figure out how to make it tough!

Drowning On The Sidewalk or Dying Inside

Daniel: This is one of those songs that just popped out of my head guitar-wise, sometimes you have those moments when it all comes out at once. I’m a big believer in writing a ton of material and waiting for moments like these, where you allow something to just come from nowhere. Listening to it, I’m really pleased that we captured this Blink/Cure vibe, the happy/sad juxtaposition of this track really lands in the sweet spot for me. Buddy re-wrote his chorus melody and lyrics a couple times, and I couldn’t be happier about the work he put into this song and his attention to detail with these lyrics, and come on, that chorus melody is killer!

90% English, 100% Unhappy

Daniel: This is one of the first songs we wrote, one of the first tracks that Buddy was really drawn to. I think this is one of the most original arrangements we’ve put together, I think it’s a great example of everyone in the band really holding it down and creating something special as a group. I’m super excited this song made the cut, it’s such an odd track in a lot of ways, but it really works.

At Least There’s Always Lexapro

Daniel: Grizzly wrote this crazy ripper and we really wanted to capture a pretty raw version… but eventually we added lots of backing and group vocals and synth, because… Why not?!? This song went through several iterations and I’m really happy that we were able to keep the raw, heavy inspiration for the song. Buddy absolutely destroys the verses in this song. For a song that has 6/8 verses and 4/4 choruses with a crazy guitar solo in the bridge, it really feels like a straightforward ripper.

Grizz: I love the energy in this song. Its such a shredder. It rips your face off and kicks you in the dick. Nuff said!

Go For The Throat

Daniel: I absolutely love this song, Buddy’s lyrics are really, really great. This was one of the first songs we wrote. Grizzly had this amazing bouncy, back and forth chorus he wrote and I was so excited that I was able to find that little, simple but powerful guitar hook for the verses. I love how this song came together, it’s got everything you’d want from a Finch song or a Senses Fail song, but it totally stands on it’s own. When you write a song like this right out of the gate… It’s really inspiring. I was super motivated to try and keep our songwriting on this level after this one came together.

Grizz: The chorus was one of those happy accidents. You plug in a guitar to check out an amp and just play a few random chords to check the amp settings. I just happen to play what would end up being the chorus to Go For The Throat. 

Show Your Scars

Daniel: We really wanted to have a simple, direct song to close the record. Pappas had this piano and drum arrangement that he put together and it really stuck… it was so simple and pretty. I recorded the arpeggiated acoustic guitar and then it just kind of sat around for months. At some point over the summer, I got the idea for a mantra-like melody and lyric. I recorded the ideas and everyone was into it, so Grizzly had the idea of making it like a group vocal choir type thing. I called my friends from the band In Urgency and ran over to their practice space and we all sang the group vocals. From there, Grizzly really created the final track in the mix. I think it’s a great way to wrap up the record. 

Grizz: I love working on stuff that’s out of my wheelhouse. And this was pretty far out for me. The week I was finishing up tracking some of the synths and drum programming. My girlfriend Kimberly was listening to The 1975 a ton. I think they had subconsciously inspired the production of this song.

Photo by Dan Coronado


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