Track by Track: Tonks – ‘Windows Down & Dying’

The solo acoustic project of Dryjacket bassist Ian Foley, Tonks offers an introspective collection of songs set to brightly shimmering melodies – amidst a quiet and unassuming melancholy. Foley, a multi-instrumentalist who recorded the violin, piano, and vibe as well as the guitar and vocals on Windows Down & Dying, released his debut album on November 16th, 2018.

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be premiering an exclusive track by track of the TONKS record, Windows Down & Dying.

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The Great Idaho Fire

The Great Idaho Fire is a song about taking responsibly for your own life and your actions, as opposed to just floating around letting things happen to you.

Water Damage

Water damage is about a toxic friendship/relationship where one person uses the other to try to feel better about themselves.

Running Downhill

Running downhill is about two people changing and growing apart. Both people are mature enough understand that on paper they are great together, but career ambition, distance, and time keep them apart for better or for worse.

You Aren’t Missing Anything

This song is about the limits on our happiness. You have to find fulfilling work because life can be very long and slow.

Pictures of Priviledge

Pictures of Priviledge is a simple song about people idolizing relationships they see in the media. More specifically, it’s about a shallow relationship where both people are together for the wrong reasons. Once it ends they both see clearly that it wasn’t meant to be.

Through the Daylight, The Moon Appears

This was a song I wrote about how I felt spending my whole day writing music that may never be released. Doing something you enjoy but dealing with the anxiety of knowing it could be a waste of my time.

Garden State Blue

Garden State Blue is about how writing personal songs is a double edged sword because every time you have to play it or talk about it, it brings back the feelings you put into the song.

St. Charles Place

St. Charles place is a song to friends that stick around. And no matter how long you are apart, you can always pick up where you left off. It’s also about how maintaining a friendship is work, and sometimes you need to overcome communication fears to make it work.


This is a Chain Smokers cover I did almost by accident. I went to Paris last year and wanted to write a song about the city, but as I was working on it I kept hearing the cover. I put the lyrics to Paris over top of the song and just decided to leave it like that.

Giles Corey

This is a song I wrote about coping with the loss of a family member who I was very close with. It’s about trying to recover without wanting to dump your tragic story on unsuspecting people because you don’t want to put them in an uncomfortable position.

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