Track By Track: Twice On Tuesday – Lost At Home EP

We’re pleased to bring you the track by track of Twice On Tuesday’s latest EP, titled Lost At Home. You can read the breakdown of each song below, provided by the band.

Twice On Tuesday - Lost At Home EP


Monday Morning:

Monday Morning is a song about becoming a lazy and pessimist person because you hate your job and can’t stand being there 8 hours a day while you’d rather be somewhere else doing more interesting stuff that you actually care and feel passionate about, like playing music in our case. We know that we’re not the only ones who have or have had a job that makes you feel like a robot while all you have in mind’s to get out of there but you need to pay the bills, so we wrote a song about it knowing that a lot of people would be able to relate to this. It is also a song in which all of us brought something to, either musically and/or lyrically. We love the old school Pop-Punk vibe we gave to it and we think it’s a good continuation of our first EP “Bite-Sized Bullshit”. The idea behind the music video concept is that we hate our jobs so much that we’re passing the time acting like kids, on our phones or sleeping anywhere and couldn’t care less if our bosses like it or not (They don’t). We came up with this idea last summer after a show in Sherbrooke, QC. It was like 4 AM and we were at a friend’s house drinking beers and throwing ideas for dumb things to do in our video, funny that a few of them ended in the final cut!

Beautiful Mistake:

After going through a breakup, Vince got the inspiration to write a couple of lines but didn’t really know what to do with them until Brad showed him a guitar riff he had that we started putting the pieces together for this song. The whole band loved it and we were all really inspired to write this song, it took us only about 2 weeks to complete it (which is really fast for us). This banger is probably the song that sets the table for the writing of “Lost At Home”, even though we had other songs from this EP started way before we even had the thought of writing “Beautiful Mistake”. We even recorded it, shot a music video and released it way before we started recording the other songs, but we’ve rerecorded a few tracks when were recording “Lost At Home” and we got it remixed, so the single version isn’t exactly the same “Beautiful Mistake” than the EP version. For the music video, we just spent a full weekend at Vince’s cottage, in the middle of nowhere with no other script in mind than just play the song in a stereotypical Canadian environment and having one hell a good time. That’s what happened; a lot of the stuff that you see in the video wasn’t planned in advance, it’s just us being filmed while having fun and that kind of makes the charm of this video. The burgers were incredibly good and filming this sequence felt so much like a filming a cooking show we almost died laughing.

So Called Friends:

Oli wrote “So Called Friends” and it took him about 1 day to write the first half of this song and about 1 year to finish it. We’ve been through hard times within the band and in our personal lives during the writing of this song and that’s part of the reason it took so long to write it. But it’s during these hard times that you find out who are your real friends and who’s hanging out with you only when it’s fun so Oli wrote a song about it. He first thought that it tells such a personal story that no one else would be able to relate to it, but apparently he was wrong because the feedback we hear about this song is usually centered around the lyrics, even though it also features a killer guitar solo and a catchy melody. So that sends us the message that there are a lot of people that have been through the same things.

Fun fact: “So Called Friends” was written by Oli but it’s also our first and only song to date in which Vince wrote a guitar riff and plays it while Oli plays the rhythm part. This riff appears in the verses.

Live It Up:

“Live It Up” is the last song we wrote for “Lost At Home”. We wrote it after our friend Jean-Philippe Lessard from Hitch & Go (another Quebec City Pop-Punk band and our best buddies in our scene) gave us a riff he wrote for his own band at first, but didn’t know how to use it in a Hitch & Go song. We were so happy with this gift that we decided we had no other choice than to have him sing a verse. At the same time, Vince and Brad were facing a really difficult period in their lives and instantly felt inspired to write a song about getting through hard times. When Vince showed the rest of us some lyrics he wrote over what J-P left us, we all really liked it and felt inspired to write this song that came together really naturally and quickly. We then invited J-P to our jam space to show him what we had and he came up with new ideas that left the skate-punk vibe that is really present in this song, which we really liked because we had never explored this kind of tone in any of our songs until then. It became one of the songs that we enjoy the most playing live.

So Called Friends (Acoustic):

When we finished writing all the songs on ”Lost At Home”, we realised that they all contained some really deep lyrics and that it would be a more mature EP than our previous one, “Bite-Sized Bullshit”. We then decided to end it on a more intimate tone so we also recorded an acoustic version of “So Called Friends”. We chose this song because we felt that it would be able to connect with the listener in a totally different way without any distortion. It’s also our first experience of turning one of our songs into a fully acoustic song and we wanted to give our fans more than just the exact same song but played with acoustic guitars. So a few weeks before the recording began, Oli started to write new riffs and chords for this song, wrote the piano part and figured out which guitar riffs would remain played by a guitar, which ones would be played by the piano and which ones would be changed entirely. We also wanted to include percussions but we didn’t know what instrument would be the best fit until just a few days before the recording sessions began. Our schedule also involved Antoine to be the first to record his parts so we had him to play his drum kit with broomsticks and it just sounded great. He almost improvised his parts while we were recording them and we’re really happy with the result.

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