Track By Track: Upside Down – Scars Are Forever

We’re pleased to bring you the track by track of Upside Down’s latest album Scars Are Forever (read below), which is available for purchase through Bandcamp, as well as all other major digital distributors.


Don’t Give Up On Hope

This song is our way to thank all of our fans for always being there supporting us. We wanted to let them know that they are who have made this project possible.

Do I Still Miss You?

This one’s about someone who has just ended a relationship. At the beginning he or she misses the feeling of being together but as time passes by, this person realizes that it’s better to go on and turn the page to the next chapter.

Back To Reality

Back To Reality tells the story of a guy in high school that has a crush on a girl of his class and he imagines a perfect life with her. The truth is that he is too shy to even talk to her and this girl basically ignores him.

Good Riddance

This one is also about the end of a relationship, but in this case the person talking to us through the song tells us that he or she is happy that the relationship came to an end because it wasn’t giving anything more than problems, although he or she was in love with the other person.


This song talks about being in love with someone or something that hurts you. We wanted to show those toxic feeling that make you follow anyone or anything without thinking about the consequences, even if they are bad for you.


The cover of our album is a house in ruins and this song is about what that house represents. It’s a metaphor of a person’s depressed mind who has forgotten his dreams, aspirations and self-esteem.

Red Letter Days

This song is an ode to the memories. Everyone has a memory that they would like to repeat over and over again but instead of being stuck in a loop, we have to learn from those moments and become better people thanks to them.


We knew someone that has a destructive behaviour and even though we try to help him to be a better person and treat people with some respect, he preferred to keep with his actions and become the architect of his own demise.

Heaven On Earth

Everyone has a special place to go with their friends and listen to music, drink and party in general. We let people know how we feel every time we go to this pub and we try to make them understand why we spend so much time in there.


This one’s special to Alex (bassist). It’s a song written to his cat who passed away three years ago, but still on his mind. We all have this suffering times when someone loved leaves us. This song is an anthem to let them know they will always be alive in our memories and that we will never stop thinking of them.

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