Track By Track: Out Of My Way – Whistleblower

The recording process was incredibly smooth. A large chunk of the EP was already demoed by Christian & Henrik (who produced the EP) well over a year before we recorded it. After rehearsing existing material, Tobias chimed in and wrote “Storage Locker” and before we knew it we had several songs to pick from for the EP.

We went in with 5 tracks, which we recorded over the course of three separate sessions. Charlie laid down the drum tracks in roughly two hours, whereas bass and guitar tracking took place in session two, coupled with a small fragment of the vocals. Vocal tracking was wrapped up in session three, and after being sent a handful of mixing/mastering drafts we sort of had a decent idea of what we wanted the EP to sound like. We sat on the EP for several months before finally dropping the lead cut, “Why She Left” back in February of this year. – Charlie

Out Of My Way - Whistleblower

Shut Me Up:

The song is about being fed up with bad working conditions. – Christian

Why She Left:

I struggled with depression and anxiety for several years. To cope with life, I shut down emotions and lied to myself, simply because the alternative was too painful. But it came at a prize. I wrote this song during the lowest point in my life. Every time I hear it and every time I play it Why She Left reminds I’m never going back there. – Christian

Storage Locker:

The last couple of weeks had been really turbulent for all of us in the band and all my frustration about it resulted in Storage Locker. The song is basically about those friends that requires a lot from you and you put up with it because you care about them, but when it comes around, they don’t do the same for you. – Tobias

The Shit, the Stain, the Wash-off:

This one’s a response to all the bullshit hypocrisy we hear from politicians every day in Sweden, United States and all over the world. – Christian


The title speaks for itself, really. – Christian

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