Vektor Tour Diary #1: On The Road with Eyehategod, Iron Reagan, Strong Intention

We covered Vektor last year, when they went on the road with Vaporizer (read about it here) and we’re excited to bring you the exclusive tour diary of their current tour with Eyehategod, Iron Reagan and Strong Intention…

Day 1:

We loaded up and headed to DC around 1 PM knowing we would have to swing back through Philly at some point to pick up the rest of our shirts which were being printed that day. This is a bizarre trek as we are traveling with a fill-in guitarist because Erik couldn’t make it for this run due to scheduling issues with work. But not to worry, he’s still in Vektor. Luckily we know a guy, Steve Jansson (Crypt Sermon, Infiltrator) who rips and took on the task. We got to The Pinch, where we were playing that night and we’re taken aback by its size. It was a pretty small space but we knew it was coming. This whole tour will be taking place at relatively small spots that will get packed. The first thing we see as we begin unloading is two dudes who “got a little too much sun” getting into it leading to one laying out the other in one punch. Welcome to DC! It set the tone. The show went well and Steve killed it. Afterwards we hung out at the upstairs bar for the most part. Thus another PBR tour begins. I caught some of Iron Reagan’s and EYEHATEGOD’s sets but there were too many people to see anything. Sounded great though! Those guys rule. Ended up hanging out with the Reagan dudes and through much debate decided to make a late night drive back to philly. Seeing as we had to go anyway to get shirts we figured what the hell, let’s have a solid nights sleep at home. We are now Providence bound to play at Simon’s 677. Should be good! Over.

This is Steve.
This is Steve.

Day 2:

The drive to Providence ended up being a major inconvenient hassle. With traffic already looking grim, two accidents occurred on the I-95 N that put all the bands back a couple hours. An 8 hr drive from Philly to providence was less than exciting. The silver lining was when we finally arrived at the venue we realized it was outdoors and got super stoked. After being stuck in a van in traffic all day, an outdoor set and awesome whether is what we needed. Strong Intention and EHG had it real bad though. They didn’t get to Simons 677 until about 10. Both us and Iron Reagan had to go on early. The set was great though! Awesome sound and crowd. All the bands killed it. Probably letting the frustration of traffic out of their systems. Our buddy Josh lives 20 minutes from the venue so we stayed at his place and drank beers and bullshitted until about 5 or 6 in the morning.

Vektor tour diary 1 - 5
Day 3:

Got a few hours of sleep then went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of meat to grill. He actually slow cooked everything in a smoker. It was an all meat breakfast and it ruled. We hung out and got our bearings straight then cruised out towards Albany. Had a much needed oil change then headed to Bogies. It was a pretty cool spot with a rad backstage and a sick pizza place next door. Also New Jack City was on repeat the entire night on the TV behind the bar. The set was alright. To us not as good as providence but to everyone else better. Bizarre. We hung out with EHG more this night than the others so far. Those dudes are awesome and had nice things to say about us which is super flattering and humbling. The rest of the night was cool. Scored a couple extra drink tickets so no complaints there. Everyone had an exhausted look on their face at the end of the night though. We started the trek towards York but only got a couple hours in then stopped at a rest area/24 hr mcdonalds and crashed. We were all out instantly and are feeling way better today. A couple hours away from York now. We’ll what tonight brings!

Vektor tour diary 1 - 4


Remaining Date:
7/14/2014 Ballroom At Outer Space – Hamden, CT w/ Iron Reagan, Vektor, Strong Intention [info]
7/15/2014 Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Iron Reagan, Vektor, Strong Intention [info]

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