Watch A New Trü Music Video With A Track By Track of ‘Growing Pains’

New Noise Magazine is pleased to be bringing forth the exclusive music video premiere of “The Graduate” by Trü. The music is full of guitars leading with a distorted presence, crushing through the progressions with plenty of flare. The song’s textures are feature a slight haze, really digging into the core of the band’s sound. The chorus is an airy hook, presenting a great dichotomy to the songwriting structure. “The Graduate” is off of the band’s record, Growing Pains, released today. Fans can also find an explanation of each track below in this exclusive track by track from  Pat DeFrancisci and Keith Williams.

“Our video for ‘The Graduate’ came to be through an amazing team effort by a group of incredibly creative individuals. Jon Reino directed, shot and edited all of the footage and has done incredible videos for a ton of great bands around the East Coast. He helped us focus on the positive but gloomy vibe we were trying to go for. For the animations, our friend Nabil Miftahi was kind enough to contribute his art to make the video pop and give a really unique feel to the whole thing.” – Pat DeFrancisci of Trü

– “The Graduate”
I wrote The Graduate after someone I knew from playing in bands had taken their life. It was an abrupt event that made me reflect on my own depression and thoughts of suicide. – Keith

– “Growing Pains”
Growing Pains has to do with our reliance on social media to connect and empathize. I often find it odd that all my peers (myself included) are so open about personal and painful issues on such a public format – Keith

– “Same Conversation, Different Day”
Same Conversation, Different Day is about a relationship I was in where the person I was with refused to grow. I was at a transitional point in my life where I was trying to figure out where my path was, where my life was going and I was dealing with the disappointment I had with myself because my plans working in or performing music hadn’t panned out. I was at a super low point but I forced myself to move forward and do something that I felt was productive. She refused to take any steps forward in her own life and we just ended up having the same arguments day in and day out. The first line “maybe this time we can finally see eye to eye” we’d talk and we’d yell but we’d never get on the same level. – Pat

– “Loneliness”
Loneliness was the most honest way I could word out how depression is for me. It’s like a frustrating storm cloud that pops up without any warning and can really sour any good mood or happiness that you have. – Keith

– “Peace of Mind”
Peace of Mind was the last song written that Keith and I actually wrote in the studio. I had the chorus written out but had it coupled with this really folky strumming of the same chords and I couldn’t write anything else for like two months until I showed it to Keith. He suggested we change the strumming pattern and hummed the melody and it sounded perfect. To top it off Steve came up with the piano lead and really nailed the feel of the song. We actually play a full band version of this track at the beginning of our sets. It’s probably my favorite song I’ve written lyrically and my most personal. Around the time we were in the studio I had a full on emotional breakdown because of my life situation. I made some really bad choices in that time and wasn’t in a healthy place physically and emotionally. I wasn’t happy and I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong to deserve this unhappiness. I felt like I took all the responsible steps to do something with my life I was actually passionate about but I couldn’t even find a place where I was complacent. I thought I’d moved past all of these growing pains but clearly that wasn’t the case. – Pat


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Photo by Rob Scheuerman

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