Video Premiere: Concrete Dream – “Relationshit”

We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Concrete Dream’s music video for their single “Relationshit” (watch it below). The track is available for purchase/ streaming here. The video was directed by Don Capria.

Concrete Dream vocalist Jeremiah Mayhem commented:

The song is about hiding your true self from the people you love. With your significant other, you live the lie because you’re either comfortable or may not want confrontation; which comes with being honest. And as we continue to live the lie, it turns into a ‘relationshit,’ not a relationship.

Upcoming Shows:
August 11 – Bayonne, NJ at Lot 13 (Sound Purge) [More Info]
August 31 – Hoboken, NJ at The Cyclorama at Soundwars Studios [More Info]

About the band:

In 2017, four northern New Jersey-based musicians left their former projects behind to form Concrete Dream, a hip-hop/EDM/metal crossover project exuding a distinct, raw, yet accessible power and clean execution previously unmatched by any artist in the scene. Do not mistake this band for another local – Concrete Dream are on another level, crafting potent, consistent anthems that will have listeners singing along while still hitting hard as nails.

Concrete Dream have released three singles this summer – “Relationshit,” “Catch 22” (over 45,000 streams on combined platforms), and “One Thing” – all produced by This or the Apocalypse-vocalist-turned-producer Ricky Armellino. Shortly after production ended, Concrete Dream caught the ears of New York hardcore legend Lord Ezec (Crown of Thornz, Skarhead, Danny Diablo), who quickly signed them to his new label, E-Train Records.

“I met [singer] Jeremiah Mayhem and immediately liked him,” says Lord Ezec, who signed the band earlier this year to E-Train Records. “He was genuine. He was real. He was like a younger version of me. Once he played me the music I was blown away. I met the band and saw a real tight unit. They care about their music and the message. Their live show says it all and that’s why I knew I needed to sign them. I want to tell help advance them get their voices heard.”

The sonic effect of Concrete Dream reveals equal parts mercy and power as the lyrical and melodic top-lines takes us through the power struggles of life. “All of our new songs are about struggle,” adds Jeremiah. “It is about a cycle in most people’s lives – we love something, we lose it, mess it up, or it leaves us, then we feel pain, and then we find a way to escape the pain. Then we repeat, again and again. This negative to positive cycle drives us forward, and we’re inspired by both the good and the bad.”

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Top photo by Laura Desantis-Olsson

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