Connor Ratliff and Mikey Erg will be releasing a limited edition secular XMAS LP, titled The Spirit Of Ratliff, on State Champion Records in November 2018. You can pre-order the album here.

Check out the music video for their song “No One Wants A Pizza On Xmas Day” below. The video was directed by Maëlle Doliveux & Connor Ratliff.

In 2015, comedian Connor Ratliff and singer/songwriter Mikey Erg wrote and recorded a batch of brand new, secular XMAS songs as the soundtrack to a bizarre YouTube Holiday Special spun-off from the public access version of The Chris Gethard Show.

Now, Ratliff and Erg are finally releasing these songs as a limited edition vinyl LP, pressed onto what they are calling “Secular Red” vinyl, featuring new sleeve art and liner notes by Ratliff, and hand screen printed by State Champion Records. Paired with their follow-up collection of “Anti-Summer Anthems,” this LP creates, in Ratliff’s words, “the perfect secular XMAS gift. Even if you don’t own a turntable, it’s great to have it just as an art object. Give one to someone else and ask them to get one for you!”

Ratliff (a veteran performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in NYC, seen on The Netflix series Orange is the New Black, TV show Search Party and the upcoming second season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) and Erg (The Ergs, Worriers, The LLC) met while working on the long-running cult series, The Chris Gethard Show, and bonded over their mutual love for Elvis Costello. Eager to collaborate, they “wanted to write a handful of secular XMAS songs that hadn’t been written before, and to write novelty songs that were fun without feeling stupid.”

These aggressively secular songs – the opening track begins with the words, “no more midnight mass for me ‘cuz I don’t believe in god” – celebrate cold weather and the ever-expanding time frame of the now-months-long holiday season.

One song that Ratliff and Erg are hoping to highlight is the plaintive “No One Wants A Pizza On XMAS Day,” a song they wrote primarily because they felt like there weren’t enough popular songs about food. “Everyone writes songs about sex and being sad, but I can’t even think of a song about salad, said Ratliff.

Finally, with side B of The Spirit of Ratliff, Ratliff and Erg present a collection of anti-Summer anthems. “To quote a classic holiday song, if XMAS is ‘the most wonderful time of the year,’ part of the implied and overt mission statement of this album is that summer is the worst. In any case, I think this might be the only XMAS album ever made that is designed for you to play the second half of it in July.” Sure to be enjoyed year-round, State Champion Records presents The Spirit of Ratliff:

Connor Ratliff Mikey Erg The Spirit Of Ratliff

Track Listing:

Side A
1. Have Yourself A Merry Secular XMAS
2. 40 Years Of XMAS
3. XMAS Is The Best
4. No One Wants A Pizza On XMAS Day
5. Endless Winter
6. Snow & Ice & Ice & Snow
7. XMAS Is Over (Let’s Leave The Lights On 4 A While)
8. No One Wants A Pizza On XMAS Day #2
9. XMAS Next Year

Side B (“Anti-Summer Anthems”)
1. Summer Is The Worst
2. Clouds
3. The Lotion
4. All The Girls/Boys Hate Summer YEAH
5. 4th Of July: RESURGENCE
6. I’m HOT
7. Summer Is Not XMAS

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