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Interview with Brett Hunter (Guitar and vocals) and Luke McNeill (drums, songwriter)
By John B. Moore

It’s been a pretty exhausting year for The Copyrights, with treks across the US, playing alongside the Lawrence Arms and 7 Seconds, putting out an EP (No Knocks) and a full- length (Report), and a tour of Europe. And the band played the FEST this past weekend (see photos), as well as their record release hometown show in Chicago. But despite some blank days on the calendar toward the end of the year, there is still a chance the band will be right back on the road if the right opportunity pops up.

Brett Hunter and Luke McNeill checked in from overseas recently to talk about the new music, haircuts and partying with the Belgians.

How is the European tour going so far?

Hunter: The European tour is going great! It’s such a trip to be able to come so far, play shows and have people singing along. This is my sixth tour in Europe and it still blows my mind. We are travelling with a French band, Not Scientists, and getting along a little too well, which makes for some boozy late nights, but the locals are always still partying long after we all crash. In Belgium, we staggered out of the club at about 4 a.m., and the Belgians were still raging, dancing naked to punk records, and riding tables down the stairs. Something in the water there I think… maybe it’s beer.

When did you write and record the songs off on No Knocks?

McNeill: I wrote all the songs on Report in 2012-2013, except the B-side of the No Knocks 7″, “Don’t Want In,” which is older. We actually recorded it for North Sentinel Island but it didn’t seem to fit anywhere on that record – or on Report for that matter, which is why it’s a B-side!

What can you tell me about the full- length?

McNeill: I like it! It’s 14 songs in 26 minutes or something. I think only three songs break the two-minute barrier. But, I feel like it’s some of our best songs, and I’m really happy with the sound of the record and how they ended up sounding after tracking them. Mike Kennerty engineered and produced, and I mixed it. Mike rules.

Hunter: It was my favorite recording experience to date. Mike was great to work with and an all-around awesome dude. He pushed us to make the best record we could, and I think it worked. I hope everyone likes it as much as we do.

This has been a busy year for the band. Do you plan on taking some time off?

Hunter: It HAS been busy, and we are thankful to have gotten on some cool tours with bands we have always looked up to. Touring with Lawrence Arms, and later 7 Seconds was a mindfuck, to say the least. Time off is never really planned, and any time we attempt a break, another tour seems to come up. So keep your eyes peeled.

McNeill: The band IS my time off! I have a regular job-type job, so I can’t do all the tours the other guys get to do. The legendary Mikey Erg is filling in on drums right now, as he has on most the past tours this year. So yeah, when I get to do a tour it’s kinda my “vacation.”

What’s next for the band?

McNeill: We’re gonna play and write music ’til it’s not fun anymore.

Hunter: We will probably enter our “cut off all of our long hair and start to make terrible music” phase. Or maybe our “we are artists now and are super serious” phase. Or our “fatter” phase, followed by our “looks great for their age” phase.

The Copyrights

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