Cover Reveal: Citizen!

Our alternative cover for Issue 56 is no slouch, really living up to the hype with … Citizen!

Check out the exclusive issue right here. 

Citizen’s upcoming album, Life In Your Glass World, will be out March 26 via Run For Cover Records. We’ve already fallen in love with the sneak peek we got of the record with “I Want To Kill You,” and we’re really excited for the full-length.

Of the new album, lead guitarist Nick Hamm says:

“I don’t have a lot of regret, but there have definitely been times when we felt powerless during the band’s existence.

“This time we really owned every part of the process. It’s easy to feel like you’re on autopilot when you’re in a band, but that’s not a good place to be this far into our existence. We consciously knew we wanted to break free.”

“This is the first self-sufficient Citizen record. There was no pressure at all, and moving at our own pace allowed the songs to be a little more fleshed out.”

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