We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of A Crash Republic’s new EP Homewreckers: Sweet Apathy (listen below), which is scheduled to be officially released tomorrow, February 1, 2019.

A Crash Republic guitarist/vocalist Nick Tello commented:

Releasing our debut EP is a milestone for both me personally and the band. Andrew and I formed this band in 2008; the music for the song with the oldest roots which is Post Summer Rain was written in 2009. This really has been a long time coming. One thing that absolutely characterizes this release is the fact that we chose to self-produce almost everything. We probably could have paid someone to have this done sooner and by someone more experienced, but Andrew and I being the aspiring audio engineers and producers that we were decided a long time ago that this was the way to go. And the result is something that we are proud of both musically and sonically. We learned so much through the process of literally creating this from scratch, and I have faith that what we’ve learned will translate into a more matured and experienced process for the next release.

About the band & album:

Boston pop-punk trio A Crash Republic’s debut EP Homewreckers: Sweet Apathy is the first part of a planned trilogy of releases under the concept of a character who commits to counterculture.

Homewreckers: Sweet Apathy represents the beginning of the character slowly descending into anarchy and rejecting society around him. It presents itself as more of a stream of consciousness, while the following two EP’s will consist of more of a linear storyline.

A Crash Republic originally formed in 2008 when vocalists Nick Tello and Andrew Sullivan were still in middle school. After 11 years, some moves around the country and a couple of college degrees, the duo decided to reform the project with Steve Rehm on drums.

Their style immediately brings to mind the Dropkick Murphys, another Massachusetts-based punk band. Tello and Sullivan’s dueling raspy and clean vocals, combined with a viscous gang of vocals, pave the way for the dynamic musicianship that even has a hint of metal in the riffs and rhythm.

Homewreckers: Sweet Apathy was produced, engineered, and mixed entirely by A Crash Republic. Mastering was handled by Andrew Wade.

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