Interview with Creeper vocalist Will Gould | By Annette Hansen | Photo by Jen Cray

It was only a decade ago that dramatic acts like AFI and My Chemical Romance were the status quo in alternative rock, but it seems that spark of theatrics has taken a backseat to a sound that is more substance than style. Then, there’s Creeper.

Over the last couple of years, many have been riveted by the rise of the dramatic punk rock outfit. Coming up from the punk and hardcore scene of Southampton, England, the band saw something they felt was lacking in their music scene and sought to rectify it. “Where we were, hardcore and punk was becoming a lot more stripped back and a lot less about theatrics,” vocalist Will Gould describes. “I almost kind of regressed to a state when I was younger where I was obsessed with trying to make something else and trying to put the frills back into [punk] again.”

Before finding success with Creeper, Gould and guitarist Ian Miles worked for years in the band, Our Time Down Here, never quite finding sustainable success. After that band parted ways, Gould and Miles helped put together Creeper, an act that they intended to be temporary. “We put out an EP, [2014’s Creeper], that we self-recorded,” Gould relays. “We recorded with our own money, and we just kind of put together five songs.”

According to Gould, it didn’t take long to realize that they had struck a chord with the new project. “It was always really hard to sell out our local 250-[person] capacity room with our old band,” he says, “but with Creeper, our first show sold out.”

Two years and three EPs—including 2015’s The Callous Heart and 2016’s The Stranger—later, and the band are set to release their debut full-length album, Eternity, in Your Arms, through Roadrunner Records on March 24. The band sought to craft a record that encompassed all the best of what Creeper have to offer. “You kind of have to reestablish yourself and what your band’s about and who you are at this point in your lives,” Gould explains. “We spent a long time trying to work out what that was.”

With that goal in mind, Gould feels that Creeper have put together and album that is undeniably, well, Creeper. “We tried to make something that’s both nostalgic and is kind of a new take on some of those ideas,” he says. “It’s like an updated version of a lot of our favorite things. Nostalgia is a word that I would use to describe everything to do with Creeper.”

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