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We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of The Crown Remnant’s drummer Art Ramirez playing through their song “Into the Depths” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s latest conceptual opus, The Wicked King: Part II, which can be purchased through iTunes, Google Play and Bandcamp.

Art Ramirez commented on the drum playthrough:

With this drum playthrough for our new song ‘Into the Depths’ from our upcoming album, the progressivism in the drumming style reminds me a lot of influences that I grew up with like Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Carl Palmer, Simon Phillips, and more. As a shorter song than we normally do in the band, the song is a great opportunity to improvise more and to work with unique time signatures that adds creativity.

Ramirez continued:

I try to bring a lot of elements into my drumming style. I’m influenced from a variety of genres including progressive music, rock, metal, and more classic stuff as well. I like stuff that spans from all sorts of decades including the 70’s, 80’s, and the modern music coming out today. I think that blend of old and new helps make me a more creative drummer.”

Zildjian Custom A cymbal set (Ride, 2 crash, hi-hats)
Sabian XS20 10in Splash
Pearl Powershifter double bass pedal
PDP 7 Piece drum set
Vater Power 5B drum sticks

PDP Hardware:
– PDP Cb 700 Boom Cymbal Stands
– Gibraltar 9707ML-UA 9700 Series Ultra-Adjust Moveable Leg Hi-Hat Stand
– Zildjian A Custom Cymbals
– 16 inch crash
– 18 inch crash
– 20 inch Ride Cymbal
– 14 inch Hi-Hats

– Pearl P-2002C PowerShifter Eliminator Double Pedal
– Vater Power 5B Sticks

Drum kit:
– PDP Double Drive Series 8 Piece Drum-set

– Evans 2ply Clear coated skins for toms
– Evans white coated heavy snare skin

The Crown Remnant Art Ramirez

Art Ramirez Biography:

I’ve been passionate about drumming for what feels like my entire life. My father was a musician, so I was inspired by him and that entire side of the family. My family and their support of everything I do has been a big part of the player that I am today, and I’m grateful for that. When I was about 6 years old, my passion for drums started to grow. I took drumming lessons at a Boys & Girls club in Wilmington and took part in the Arts Academy program they offered which helped me develop timing, rhythm, and skills that made me a better player, and a better musician. That influence really impacted me, to the extent where I now work as a drum instructor at that same Boys & Girls club and Arts Academy program whenever I can. Helping to teach a younger generation and hopefully inspire that same passion means the world to me.

As I started to develop as a musician, I looked to and was inspired by a lot of players that I still consider my influences and teachers in a lot of a ways. These include Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Carl Palmer, Simon Phillips, Gavin Harrison, Bill Brufford, and Alan White – all these incredible players are also a part of the drummer that I am now. With this drum playthrough for our new song “Into the Depths” from our new album, the progressivism in the drumming style reminds me a lot of these influences that I grew up with. As a shorter song than we normally do here in the band, the song is an awesome opportunity to be more improvisational and to work with unique time signatures that adds to the creativity. The drums on the record were tracked by the awesome A.J. Viana after being written by us at TCR and I get to incorporate his influence in the playthrough alongside our writings, with my personal touch. Playing this song live is a blast and lets me put even more improvisation and creativity into it for the crowd.

Working with The Crown Remnant is most significant part of my music career to date. Drums are my life, and they’re a part of me. Much in the same way, the band is a part of my life now. I’m grateful to be a part of this group; I love my brothers in the band and the amount of talent and dedication we bring. These projects like our albums The Wicked King: Part I that came out last year and The Wicked King: Part II [out now] are something bigger than me as an individual and has been an absolute pleasure to work on. As the band moves forward, I’m excited to continue to create music that’s creative, interesting, and makes proud the family that helped me start on this journey.

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