Cult Of The Lost Cause Stream New Heavy Track From Forthcoming Album

Denver post-metal trio Cult of the Lost Cause have released a new track from their forthcoming sophomore album Contritions. The incisive, icy tune “All Those Opposed” can be heard via Soundcloud now.

Cult of the Lost Cause play an album release party in Denver, CO on February 27th, followed by regional dates to be announced soon.

Cult of the Lost Cause’s take on instrumental music eschews the cliches of solos and jams to focus on creating well crafted, dynamic songs, performed with intent. Bringing a bombastic set of music, focused on balancing beauty and brutality, their 2013 self-titled debut caught the attention of Denver’s Sailor Records, who will be releasing Cult’s second album Contritions on February 26th, 2016.

Since forming in 2011, Cult of the Lost Cause has endeavored to create songs that stand up, first and foremost, in the live environment. Cult of the Lost Cause shows have been heralded as must-see live performances, blending undeniable creativity with intensity and fun. As an instrumental band, their focus is on creating a sincere, no frills experience that engages the listener through unrestrained movement, commanding volume, and raw emotion.

In July 2015, the trio entered Flatline Audio in Denver to record Contritions with producer Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Khemmis, Native Daughters). Always devoted to pushing their limits, the new songs are crafted to exist at the delicate balancing point between full scale rock anthems and noise-soaked chaos.

For some, a wide variety of styles results in confusion and sloppy songwriting. Cult of the Lost Cause, however, pull from this wellspring with purpose and intent, to create a focused, no-nonsense identity, unconfined by popular trend. The result is a cathartic musical experience that brings both band and listener together as equal participants in the emotional and physical experience of each song.

Upcoming Show:
February 27 – Denver, CO @ 7 South (Album release party)

Contritions Track Listing:
1. All Those In Favor
2. All Those Opposed
3. Hessian Crucible
4. The Drop
5. The Cloud Collector
6. The Drowned God
7. Wall of Bones
8. The Gemini

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