Daddy Issues | By Morgan Y. Evans

Anyone who reads this will realize in short order that Daddy Issues ought to be the new leaders of society. The Greensboro, NC band play a superfun blend of power pop, indie and bad girl slow jams that will melt your heart and stir your coffee. I found them on line and fell in love with them all without telling them. Clearly these are rock goddesses. Once I mustered the fortitude to talk to them, the band was wonderful enough to answer my pathetic questions about their current activities.

How are you today? What is going on in the current world of Daddy Issues?

Lindsey: We’re good! We just recorded an EP this summer and released the first single last week. It’s called So Hard.

Lauren: It’s about boners.

Lindsey: We’re also working on learning some Queen covers for this fundraiser show for Planned Parenthood in September. Basically we’re channeling Freddie Mercury and singing about boners.

Do you cite a lot of the same influences? The songwriting is really concise and melodies on point.

Lindsey: Thank you! Actually we don’t really.

Lauren: Hannah is obsessed with Ty Segall, Lindsey only listens to weird old garage comps, I listen to French yeh-yeh pop and old doo wop, and Maddie’s into punk and doom metal.

Maddie: Also early American folk music. And noise rock.

Lindsey: But when we’re at karaoke we sing Tammy Wynette and Fleetwood Mac. Maybe your true influences are reflected in your karaoke choices?

Yes. Mine are Prince and Bon Jovi. Post 9/11 I used to get free beers singing “Wanted Dead Or Alive” dedicated to Bin Laden at Irish bars. So, What do you love about being a band from your state?

Lindsey: Greensboro specifically is really cool because it’s not expensive to live here, there’s a small DIY scene, and we’re an hour away from the triangle (Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham), which has about a million good bands and nice people.

Hannah: Like Silent Lunch. And T0W3RS.

Lindsey: And See Gulls.

Maddie: And Pie Face Girls.

Lauren: And Free Clinic from Wilmington.

Lindsey: There’s a ton of musical history in North Carolina, too. I mean, Link Wray is from a town two hours away from us. And you have Merge Records and Yep Roc, and now Phuzz Records all based in NC. Things are terrible politically in North Carolina, but musically it feels like something really special is happening here.

What are your plans for the rest of 2014?

Maddie: Make a really sweet Halloween costume.

Lauren: I think Morgan means in terms of the band.

Maddie: Oh, okay, then I want to write some sick bass lines.

Hannah: I just wanna be present. My plan is to find the perfect taco.

Lauren: Get into med school.

Lindsey: Lauren’s serious. She’s studying pre-med. And she already has degrees in English and French. Hannah’s also planning on watching 60 horror films before Halloween. We watched Hellraiser the other night and some weird 60s Italian movie where everyone was getting murdered on this island but the soundtrack was this super relaxed, pleasant lounge music. That was probably the scariest part. In terms of the band, I’d love to get our EP out on a 7” and plan a spring tour.

Daddy Issues 2014

You could combine these interests and make pre-med horror nurse costumes. I think fans would be stoked. Not to sound crass, but do you ever get hormonal at the same time and does it make you crabby towards one another or instead, bursting with manic energy?

Hannah: When you’re in a band with all dudes and you all get horny at the same time, do you like to circle jerk? (boo ya :)

Um, yes. Please name a moment that made you believe that rock n roll was important to you.

Hannah: In high school, my friend Jenny and I would listen to Velvet Underground and Led Zeppelin and re-write the words to make them like personal rock love poems. It was probably the only way we knew how to talk about what we were feeling.

Lauren: When I was 5, I saw Ziggy Stardust on VH1. I was hypnotized, not just by the music but by his whole performance/persona.

Maddie: The first time I ever listened to Black Flag.

Lindsey: Maddie’s such a badass. I have all these stories about sitting on the school bus or riding in the car as a kid and crying because an awesome song came on the radio. It happened a lot. I’m sensitive. I remember the first time I heard Wild Horses, I was in my Mom’s car in California and just broke down and started crying. I was like 6. You can’t process or explain feelings like that, they just overwhelm you and make you realize something is important.

Like Reo Speedwagon. I know. So, have you heard the wuss from Twilight might be the new Indiana Jones! what is he gonna sparkle his way out of the Temple of Doom? I can’t even imagine that guy successfully navigating a girly drink let along Nazis.

Lindsey: Dude just don’t watch any Indiana Jones movies that came out after the 80s and everything will be okay. Watch them while drinking some sort of fruity rum thing! A sex on the beach. Trust me.

How often do you get together to play or even hang out when not rehearsing?

Hannah: I am constantly with these bitches. I can’t get them off my dick.

Maddie: Wait, what do you mean? There are bands that get alone time?

Lauren: When we’re not practicing we’re watching Clueless and feeding each other grapes.

Jesus. What would you say if I said I maybe want to have an action figure of each of you and fight with my friends over who is coolest, cutest, smartest, most likely to be a gypsy, etc?

Lauren: If there were an action figure of us, it would be like a four-headed Amazonian warrior monster.

Maddie: With red hair.

Hannah: And great teeth.

Lauren: That always wore big earrings.

Lindsey: And doc martens. And a bone necklace.

Hannah: And its superpower would be super nuclear farts like in Tremors III.

Lauren: Wait that really happens in Tremors III?

Hannah: Yeah. They’re called ass blasters. They propel themselves by farting.

Lindsey: Morgan we would totally give you one of these action figures, except probably no one in the world would want one.

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