Damaged City takes over D.C. April 5-8th this year. A few highlights include punk legends Limp Wrist first DC gig in 12 years! Turnstile’s record release show, Texas boys Radioactivity featuring Jeff Burke from The Marked Men, Katastrof from Sweden featuring members of Totalitar & Heratys, The Flex & Arms Race from the UK, a rare appearance by New York’s Brown Sugar, Rixe from France and so many more…

Damaged City was dreamed up by bandmates and co-founders Chris Moore and Nick Candela while on a long overnight drive on a European tour with their band, Coke Bust. They were talking about the pros and cons of festivals they’d played in the past. D.C. had always had a good energy in the punk community, but bands were constantly skipping over the city. They really wanted to show everyone all the amazing bands from their hometown and also bring bands that didn’t typically play there. Moore has been organizing shows, events and playing in bands in D.C. for almost 15 years. Moore notes “I don’t want to say that this city needed something like this, but it just felt right.” The first year was a total success and the overwhelming support afterward made them want to continue doing it.

Now on their 6th year, they’ve had bands and attendees from all over the world — Japan, South America, Europe, North America and more. Damaged City consider their festival as a celebration of punk and hardcore — not just another festival.



Limp Wrist (IL/CA/MA)
Turnstile (MD)
Radioactivity (TX)
The Flex (UK)
Warthog (NY)
Rixe (France)
Katastrof (Sweden)
Brown Sugar (NY)
Arms Race (UK)
L.O.T.I.O.N. (NY)
Unified Right (FL)
Wildhoney (MD)
Blood Pressure (PA)
Red Death (DC)
Exotica (NY)
No Time (PA)
Primal Rite (CA)
D.O.C. (DC)
Aggression Pact (MA)
Abuse of Power (GA)
Blank Spell (PA)
Laika’s Orbit (MA)
Nosebleed (VA)
Free (MA)
Rashomon (DC)
Diztort (CA)
Dress Code (TX)
BiB (NE)
Substance (NC)
Skourge (TX)
Blacksage (NY)
Guilt Parade (DC)
Razorbumps (TX)
Witchtrial (DC)
Drool (GA)
Illusion (NY)
Enforced (VA)
Pobreza Mental (NY)
Bacchae (DC)
Neolithic (MD)
Open Your Eyes (DC/MA)
Blue Streak (DC)

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