Damaged City is a celebration of punk and hardcore that takes place every year in the nation’s capital. On its 5th year, the fest takes over D.C. April 6th through 9th – bringing acts from all over the world to an all ages crowd.

Damaged City was started in 2013 by Chris Moore and Nick Candela who both play in the D.C. hardcore punk band Coke Bust. Their main goal was to showcase all of the great punk bands from D.C. alongside bringing acts to D.C. that don’t normally play there.

Damaged City Fest 2017 Line Up:
The Marked Men (TX)
Angel Dust (MD)
Fury (CA)
Hankwood And The Hammerheads (NY)
Battery (DC)
Coke Bust (DC)
Glue (TX)
Protester (DC)
Krimewatch (NY)
Give (DC)
Vanity (NY)
Praise (MD)
Tony Molina (CA)
Red Death (DC)
Exit Order (MA)
Dark Thoughts (PA)
Haram (NY)
Concealed Blade (PA)
Anarquía Vertical (Spain)
Profile (CA)
Siamese Twins (MA)
Line of Sight (DC)
Fried Egg (VA)
Unified Right (FL)
Stand Off (DC Last show)
Hero Dishonest (Finland)
Kombat (DC)
Flasher (DC)
Radiation Risks (NY)
Mad Existence (VA)
Malcontent (MA)
Futuro (Brazil)
The Real Cost (TX)
Dirty & His Fists (CA)
Guilt Parade (DC)
Gun Candy (NY)
Iron Cages (DC)
Witchtrial (DC)
Rashomon (DC)
Flasher (DC)
Venue Information:
4/6 – Pre-show @ The Pinch
4/7 – Main Show @ St. Stephen’s Church
4/7 – After Show @ The Pinch
4/8 – Main Show @ St. Stephen’s Church
4/8 – After Show @ The Pinch
4/9 – Art Show @ TBA
4/9 – Main Show @ Black Cat

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