Daniel Davies is an artist captivated by images and sound. Horror fans may know Davies from his work with legendary film director and music composer John Carpenter. He played an instrumental role in Carpenter’s 2015 Lost Themes and 2017 Anthology: Movie Themes 1974–1998 albums, and he recently helped cowrite and perform the soundtrack for 2018’s “Halloween.”

“It’s always fun to work with John,” Davies shares. “He really has a specific vision of what he wants, and it’s great to be able to help him get that across to the audience. Our ideas tend to fall in line with each other, so it’s quite a smooth process for us to get our individual voices across. He’s inspired me with his love of using synthesizers and exploring electronic music in scoring.”

On Aug. 31, Davies released his debut album, Events Score, digitally via Lakeshore Records and on a limited-edition vinyl and cassette run via Burning Witches Records. The album is a landscape of mesmerizing electronic tones. Each track offers a blissful composition of dark, melancholy synth work.

Davies says that the idea for Events Score came while trying to put together a sci-fi film. With each visual that came to mind, the sounds for the record began to blossom. “Most of the time, it would start with visuals in mind,” Davies relates. “I try to find the appropriate sound to support the story I’m trying to tell. I write most of the music using piano and guitar and then orchestrate it using various synths. Other times, a sound I find on the synth leads the piece.”

Davies’ love for synth music comes from exploring film and film soundtracks, as well as his own artistry. “Stanley Kubrick’s ‘A Clockwork Orange’ score by Wendy Carlos had a major impact on me,” he says. “The film had such striking visuals paired with an amazing score that blew me away. But it wouldn’t be till years later when I started composing and working on Lost Themes that my love of synthesizers would take hold.”

Sci-fi and synth go hand in hand for Davies; the two mediums allow him to fully express his ideas and deliver cosmic delights. “I can get lost in sci-fi,” he explains. “It triggers my imagination but also makes me think critically about how the world is.”

Daniel Davies’ Top Five Sci-fi and Horror Scores

† “Suspiria” by Goblin

† “Blade Runner” by Vangelis

† “A Clockwork Orange” by Wendy Carlos

† “The Day the Earth Stood Still” by Bernard Herrmann

† “Interstellar” by Hans Zimmer

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