Dark Tranquility
(Century Media Records)

It is certainly true that my expectations were shot low due to the band’s haphazard 2010 release in the form of We Are The Void. But three years later, one of the founders of Swedish melodic death metal has returned with new found vigor in the form of the monument known as Construct. It is indeed true that influences from The GalleryDamage Done and even Projector do appear here, bringing us only the best of what these gentlemen have had to offer throughout the years. Throughout each of these twelve masterpieces you will hear amazing guitar soundscapes “The Science Of Noise” as well as fiercely catchy anthems “The Silence In Between” and the rough thrash of “Apathetic” which sees the band aesthetically heavier than they’ve been in a while. I don’t know about you, but it’s been quite a while since I’ve heard Dark Tranquility thrash. But not only that, we are also treated to several tasteful solos scattered throughout the confines of this celebration of all things Dark Tranquility. They’ve even managed to capture the clean singing of Projector and Mikael Stanne’s vocals have never sounded better. He proves to the world that he can still balance both the angel and demon inside of him, letting the demon out with more fury than I’ve heard from the man in years. “For Broken Words” showcases this perfectly and it’s a worthy single that certainly lets free the vile beast. As for the angel, “What Only You Know” and “State Of Trust” showcase that side of his psyche perfectly. This album has an increased amount of electronic influence that doesn’t seem at all over-bearing and appears to enhance the sound of the band like never before. The keyboard tapestries also weave magic throughout each one of these songs adding an atmosphere that simply makes each and every stroke of this masterpiece come off as remarkable. Words like “speechless” and “taken aback” can be used when describing the splendor and majesty of such an unexpected triumph, as the band shows the entire world that they’ve still got it after all of these years and it’s a definite contender for the best metal album of 2013. Don’t walk, run to the nearest record store and pick up this masterpiece as soon as it releases. Don’t just download it either, as this is one release that is worth every penny. (Eric May)

Purchase Construct here:  http://www.cmdistro.com/Search/Dark_Tranquillity


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