Davey Suicide
Davey Suicide
Standby Records)

Davey Suicide was at first a promising industrial rock act much in the vein of Dope, Marilyn Manson and early Nine Inch Nails with a bit of punk attitude thrown into the mix, but unfortunately the band doesn’t seem to hold up throughout most of the album. Although I was quite impressed by the pulse-pounding “Generation Fuck Star” which sounds like Dope with a punk kick, I found myself becoming let down by the band’s loss of testicular fortitude on much slower tracks like “One More Night” and the acoustic closer “I’ll Take A Bullet For You” even though I’m quite sure that there are quite a few rocker gals out there that will find themselves elated by these ballads. However, “Uncross Your Legs” and “Kids Of America” do come across as catchy hard rock songs that would certainly be well received from radio play. One of the album’s interludes, “Professor Asshole” is quite comical and one of the most unexpected moments on the disc that sees that testicular fortitude returned to full on the track that follows “Grab A Gun & Hide Your Morals” and later on “God Head Killers.” Though I completely understand that Davey Suicide might feel that they are trying to catch the attention of both hard rockers and their girlfriends, which is a practice that goes all of the way back to the glory days of Motley Crue I might add; I’m hearing some strong material mixed in with the sap and I do firmly believe that they have the ability within them to make a solid industrial rock album that might come off as well as Dope’s Felons And Revolutionaries and Manson’s Holywood. But that all depends on how far they wish to push the envelope, which I’m afraid just isn’t far enough with this debut. Better luck next time, guys. (Eric May)

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