Day Old Hate Release Sophomore EP ‘First Light’

First Light marks a new beginning for Day Old Hate. Before we seemed to be stuck in a rut of bad habits and even worse luck, but this EP represents us reaching the end of that period in a kind of ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ scenario,” remarks Oliver Swift, vocalist of the Leeds anthemic rock quintet, on their newly released sophomore EP. Born from the same musical genepool as fellow countrymen Mallory Knox, Lower Than Atlantis and Young Guns, Day Old Hate – completed by guitarists Ben Fletcher and Will Smith, bassist Josh Flynn and drummer/backing vocalist Ed Dennis – load their songs with roaring, satisfyingly chunky rhythmn guitar, bursts of sparkling lead guitar toplines and soaring vocal refrains that feel instantly familiar, in the best way possible.

“We wanted to write better songs then we ever had before,” says Swift of First Light’s creative inception; “Making brave decisions and pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone was a must; it was an intense experience – we pushed ourselves to write the best Rock record we could. Overall, it  feels like a more authentic representation of Day Old Hate than anything that’s come before.”

Discussing the outlook of Day Old Hate, Swift states:A lot of people don’t understand what being in a band and creating music is about. Many think a band is just a group of guys who aspire to be celebrities, but we do this because we are a strong group of friends who love to make music, and because the feeling of people singing lyrics you wrote back at you is better than anything.” On the evidence of Day Old Hate’s newest release, the amount of people singing Swift’s lyrics back at him and his bandmates is going to be on a steady increase.

Purchase First Light here: PhysicaliTunes

First Light Track Listing:
1. First Light
2. Secrets
3. Fifteen
4. Minutes, Hours, Days
5. Don’t Chase Me

Upcoming Shows:
Feb 15th- Newcastle, Head of Steam
Feb 16th- Manchester, Factory
Feb 17th- Norwich, B2
Feb 18th- High Wycombe, Phoenix Bar
Feb 19th- London, Black Heart
Feb 20th- Leeds, The Key Club

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