We’re pleased to bring you the premiere of Dead is the Cat’s new music video for their song “An Existential Eve With My Pet Hamster” (watch it below). The track is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut studio album For All We Know.

The band commented:

On the surface, ‘Existential Eve’ is a song about being home alone on a Saturday night, chillin with your animals, and maybe partaking in hallucinogenic activities.

The deeper meaning is about feeling unwanted or disconnected from any sense of community, and longing to understand and be understood.

We wrote the song with the intention of capturing a real feeling that we’ve all had at some point. We have all felt alone, we have all felt confused by this world and our place in it, and we have all felt the desire for something more.

In the video, we wanted to show the difference between perspective and reality, mainly how our main character perceives and imagines things as he trips out in his garage (our real practice garage) verses how they really are.

To bring this concept to screen, we were lucky enough to work with director Evan Zissimopulis, who just happens to be our good friend and Emmy winning cinematographer. He took our music video idea and brought it to the next level with vfx and an incredible vision. We got lucky.

Emerging from the Suburban hellscape that is St. Petersburg, Florida, Dead is the Cat is Anthony Vanden-Eynden and Statler Gause, whose dancey dystopia sounds like the frenetic 9th life of the failing American Nightmare.

DITC is preparing the release of their debut studio album, For All We Know, which is a journey of paradoxes, both grungy and lush, heavy yet playful, full of melodic shouting and quivering crooning. They will hypnotize you, force you to dance, then make you ask the deeper questions of life, all without betraying organic garage rock instrumentation.

For All We Know is an album made of sweat, with guitar tones that sweep from melodic to surreal, a poetic story-telling style that is at once philosophically heavy yet playful, ranging from barking angst to plaintive falsetto, all anchored by rhythms that shift between tight danceable grooves under simple catchy riffs, to unbridled freak-outs amid orchestrally climactic walls of sound.

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