Regional Justice Center just released one of the best albums of 2021 and are on the digital edition cover of Issue #56!

“The main [theme] is kind of an examination of what level we accept the lives that we’ve been given,” vocalist and drummer Ian Shelton explains in our exclusive interview about their latest record, Crime and Punishment, out via Closed Casket Activities.  

“And, to what degree does your own self believe that you deserve better, or that you deserve what you come from, and the conscious rejection of that, or the subconscious embrace of it—things such as the addictions of your parents or class, and just various things that you have no say in. But, as you get older, you can choose, if you consciously are aware of it, to reject or change your life, and this [record] is very much structured in the way of what’s given to me and then what I’ve done instead.”  

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