News: Dim Wizard Happy to ‘Ride the Vibe’ With Pals on New Song

Dim Wizard—a music project featuring David Combs with a rotating cast of friends—just released a new song they’ve been clamoring to get out since COVID.

“Ride the Vibe” captures D.C.-based Combs teaming with co-producer Sarah Tudzin of (Illuminati Hotties), co-writing with Jeff Rosenstock, singing with them and Steve Ciolek of The Sidekicks).

The new tune is “about becoming a @kevinmorby fan and being so impressed when your friends have the courage to really make a life out of playing music ❤️,” Dim Wizard wrote on Instagram.

Here is a chunk of “Ride the Vibe” lyrics that drives home the point: “Kevy Kevy heard you singing a song/ I heard you riding a vibe

Heard you were breaking the law/ Played it on a walkman/ I was working the bar/ Yeah I was scrubbing the mats. While you were playing guitar.”

Combs added on Facebook: “I’m really happy that’s finally out in the wild. Thanks so much to all y’all. It was an honor.”

He noted that he and his collaborators created “Ride the Vibe” in 2021 via email and Zoom.

Photo courtesy of Dim Wizard

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