Interview with Dr. Beardfacé And The Spaceman vocalist Kerrie Trube | By Kelly McGowan

Philadelphia’s Dr. Beardfacé And The Spaceman are a great band with a silly name. “We’re a weird group of people,” frontwoman Kerrie Trube admits, “and although we don’t watch TV 24/7, there are a few shows that we absolutely love. [Bassist] Shawn [Betz] and I were watching reruns on Netflix one day and started talking about how great the characters are of Dr. Beardfacé from Scrubs and Dr. Spaceman from 30 Rock. Both are doctors, and both have weird pronunciations of their names, and we joked about how it would be funny to name our band Dr. Beardfacé And The Spaceman and hear people struggle to say it. We were only half serious, but the other guys in the band liked it, so it stuck. So, technically the correct pronunciation would be ‘Dr. Bee-aird Fah-say And The Spa-chem-in.’ We don’t care how people say it, but we’ve had some laughs over radio DJs and people introducing us onstage just absolutely butchering it.”

The band attended Upstart Fest in 2015 and were “really impressed with the lineup, the way Upstart was run, and just the insane level of talent all the bands playing it brought,” Trube says. “We became fans of pretty much every band that played it that we didn’t already know. Then, when we saw Upstart would be coming to Connie’s Ric Rac in Philly again in 2016, we got in touch with Altercation [Records] with the help of Ron Bauman, the manager of Connie’s. Within an hour, Ron had helped us book a spot. Prior to the festival, we sent our music to Altercation and began a dialogue with them. We got to meet Travis [Myers] from Altercation at Upstart, and we were immediately impressed with him. He was hands-on with keeping the festival running smoothly and was at the front of the crowd supporting every band that played. He saw us play and—lucky for us—liked us enough to offer us a spot on the Altercation roster, which we gladly accepted. We really feel at home with the label and haven’t found one band on Altercation that we don’t love.” 

Dr. Beardfacé And The Spaceman blend together genres ranging from punk and alternative to rockabilly and doo-wop. “There is a ton of diversity in musical influences among our members, since we don’t all listen to the same stuff,” Trube explains. “I’m into a lot of punk and bands who mash styles together like the Pixies, Stiff Little Fingers, and Coheed And Cambria. Shawn loves old-school hip hop and classic rock, [guitarist] Vinnie [Corvino] is into blues and ‘50s rock like Buddy Holly, [guitarist] Matt [Boyle] is into straight-up rock and anything guitar-driven—because each of us contributes to the writing process, all of those influences can be heard a little bit on each track. If you give three people three different songs of ours to listen to, they’d each probably label us a different genre based on that one song. And we like that—we’re kind of proud of being difficult to define.”

“When we started, it was just me, Shawn, and Matt playing acoustic songs in my living room,” Trube continues. “I showed them a couple songs I’d written, and they learned them and added their stamps to them, then we played them at a couple open mics. We all hang out together outside of the band, and in the course of hanging out, we wrote a third song almost by accident. It was basically me lyrically summing up some of the crazy drunken shit Matty was saying one night and the three of us setting it to music the next day. When we added in a second guitar player and a drummer, [Mati Shernoff], it was like a whole new band was born. Our songwriting efforts are really collaborative, and my bandmates blow me away constantly with their musicianship.”

Here for the Scraps—out May 5 via Altercation—is Dr. Beardfacé And The Spaceman’s first full-length album. “We’re really stoked about it,” Trube says. “The name of the album falls in line with our TV sitcom doctor theme: it’s part of a quote by ‘Dr. Mantis Toboggan,’ a doctor that Danny DeVito’s character Frank sometimes pretends to be on ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’ I feel like it tells the story of our progression as a band, and my dog Barkley is prominently featured on the album cover—but don’t tell him. He’ll just start bragging about it to the other dogs in the neighborhood.”

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