Drab Majesty just released a new music video for their latest single, “Oxytocin” off their latest record,  Modern Mirror, to be released July 12 via Dais Records. “Oxytocin” is an ethereal, rose-toned, and soft-focus wonderland with a surreal story.

The music video was directed by Leigh Violet, and the video premiered  on Facebook with a brief explanation of the process of songwriting and the full production. Deb Demure, the entity that is Drab Majesty insists that they are merely a vessel through which the ideas flow through, and their work is from another source entirely.  So it seems appropriate that in the explanation on Facebook, Demure explained that the full production.

“This song was demo’d in 2018 in a backstage area in Poland while on tour with Kaelan Mikla,” they say. “The idea came into focus over a series of soundchecks and was hastily scrawled into my computer. That day, after our soundcheck, Mona walked up to my makeshift workstation and, in one take, improvised the melody and form of what is now solidified in the master version.”

The video expertly ties in the themes of the track with its effortless transcendence and sheer weightlessness. It’s a feast for the senses!

Preorder the record here. 

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