Drainage are hitting the road for a South By Southwest tour and are teaming up New Noise Magazine to bring forth a tour diary to showcase how their lives will change while out on the road… 

This upcoming spring tour marks our first venture outside of Long Beach. This tour is extremely exciting because we will be ending this leg of the tour at SXSW to play with some of our favorite acts at SXSW Terror Fest (put together by Southwest Terror Fest). We’re extremely stoked to leave the comforts of home and bring our hellfire and music to other cities. We plan on hitting up as many record stores, dive bars, and weird restaurants as possible, which will be documented here with New Noise Magazine.

We’re all really excited to see the majority of the 10 freeway as our furthest point will be New Orleans (and fill our faces with some legendary Texas Barbecue of course). None of us are really ready for what SXSW has to offer us. In the years past, the shows have been incredible and unforgettable. We can only hope to top what we have experienced in the past with the addition of our own bands! 

As this is both bands first time out, both bands will be playing their debut albums in their entirety. Mom and the Mailman is the one-man noise project of Malcolm Bennett. His frantic behavior tears up the entire stage leaving it as if there were a whole band that just played. His energy heats up the stage for the crushing loud frequencies of Drainage and the true musicianship of each member meeting in harmony.

Denise being a craft cocktail bartender herself, New Orleans definitely strikes a strong chord for her. We’re definitely going to make a pit stop at Sazeracs to have the famous, yes you guessed it, Sazerac cocktail. Don’t worry, we’re gonna make another stop to have a delicious Pims cup. While in town, to make sure we get a proper experience of NOLA, we are making a point to hit up Parkway Bakery and Tavern for their infamous shrimp po boy (Shane is most excited for the crawfish). At our show at Santos Bar, we’ll be sharing the stage with the amazing Miami power duo Cave of Swimmers and the extremely heavy locals, Romasa. Both Drainage and Mom and the Mailman are honored to have the privilege of playing with these killer musicians. 

As we’re all musicians, New Orleans and Austin are the most intriguing stops on our route. It’ll be fun to see fellow artists in their true habitat pouring their hearts out for the cause of sharing what they love. 


First stop is at The Lunchbox in Phoenix which we couldn’t be more stoked about of not only because of the bands playing, but the friends we get to see. Shane being from Arizona and having lived in Phoenix, we’ll be busy with a lot of places to visit and people to reconnect with. This is one our favorite stops because the shows in Phoenix are always something to write home about. 

El Paso

Not much to say here. Excited to see how this pans out. Crack heads and truck drivers. Weirdly painted freeway. Also playing a bar and grill. Mostly excited to meet the people that will come out to see both bands. Will be good to mingle in this town. 

See ya’ll on the other side!

For more on Drainage visit their Bandcamp and feel free to listen to their Spotify below! Stay tuned for more news from the road!

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