Drainage are hitting the road for a South By Southwest tour and are teaming up New Noise Magazine to bring forth a tour diary to showcase how their lives will change while out on the road… 


Being back home after our short (but awesome ) SXSW tour is definitely a little bittersweet. Sure, sleeping in your own bed is nice but it felt like once we got some great momentum going it was already time to turn the van around and head back home. We wanted more. If anything, it is just motivation to keep the ball rolling and to keep writing, touring and learning. As a band and as individuals. This is the beginning of many more tours to come from us, seeing as our goal is to share our unusual approach to heavy music with as many open minded people as possible. We were lucky enough to be surrounded by friends this time around with very little hiccups along the way but very well know the road may not always be so kind to us. We can’t wait to get back out there to see more cities, play with more amazing bands and show our music to anyone willing to give it a listen.


Starting off the tour strong kept my spirits up and wanting more shows. I really want to play SXSW next year and hopefully have a lot more shows. Traveling with my best friends couldn’t have been better. I met some amazing people and saw some great bands play. Definitely headed back to New Orleans with a camera, too much to look at.


This is a rock n' roll takeover.

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