Alice Cooper
Raise the Dead: Live From Wacken
(UDR Music)

Something about the music of Alice Cooper never gets old no matter how many times one hears it, especially when it’s presented in such exceptional form as it is here. While the likes of “School’s Out” may be a bit more than played-out these days, this latest collection is anything but tiresome. Newer tracks like “Dirty Diamonds” can be found paired right alongside such classics as “Hey Stoopid,” proving Alice is far more than a mere “retro” act. But the real highlights come in the form of unexpected numbers like the more obscure “He’s Back – The Man Behind the Mask,” which rarely can be found in Cooper’s set lists these days.

Overall, the quality is crisp and pristine, and the performance itself (shot last year at Wacken Open Air) makes you wish you could’ve been there yourself (a feat none-too-small considering this is coming from someone who has already seen Alice live on more than one occasion). Raise The Dead serves as yet another testament of how timeless the music of Alice Cooper truly is.
(Jesse Striewski)

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