Last Tangle in Paris
(UDR Music/13th Planet Records)

The latest offering from Al Jourgensen and company is basically just a rehash of previous live releases. The usual anger-ridden ingredients one would find at a Ministry show (before they disbanded) are all present, and once again the set list focuses mainly on songs from their later catalogue, which unfortunately leaves very little room for many of the classics. The quality isn’t bad, but other than the behind-the-scenes footage, there’s really not much here we haven’t already seen.

Listening to how Jourgensen and guitarist Mike Scaccia met makes for some of the more interesting of said footage (there’s much emphasis throughout on Scaccia, having passed away onstage with his other band Rigor Mortis mere months after the live footage was shot in 2012), but hearing Jourgensen complain about how much he “hates his job”comes off slightly alienating to fans. Die hards may find this appealing, but others most likely will get bored fairly quick. At the very least, it serves as a decent tribute to Mike Scaccia, whose contributions to Ministry over the years will not likely be forgotten anytime soon. (Jesse Striewski)

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