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Morrissey fans are a devout bunch. Some might say fanatical, but I’ll go with adoring. Regardless there are bound to be some that have a problem with any DVD that comes out about Moz (“Why didn’t it include interviews with Morrissey?” “There were not enough up close shots of him singing!” and on, and on, and on). But this 25Live captures one of Morrissey’s most intimate concerts in recent memory, in stunning quality.

Recorded on March 2, 2013 at a special show at Hollywood High School in LA, this set cherry picks some of Morrissey’s best songs from his two decades-plus solo career and some of his better known stuff from The Smiths (including “Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want,” “Every Day is Like Sunday” and “You’re the One For Me Fatty.”).

This sure-to-be legendary show for only 1,800 begins with a number of fans on camera praising the British rocker and discussing the role he and his music have played in their lives. This trend continues during the actual concert, where Morrissey hands the mic to fans in the front rows during song breaks and they, often through tears, profess their undying love for him. The affect is really quite bizarre and very cultish, but there is no arguing how amazing a performer he remains as he plows through this impressive set.

Surprisingly, despite coming off as one of England’s crankier rock stars, he manages to be a bit amusing from time to time, tossing off the wisecrack “You shouldn’t whoop if you don’t want to,” after the crowd begins a loud series of “whoops.”

This intimate show sold out in less than 20 seconds and while it’s little consolation to those who tried but couldn’t get tickets that night, this DVD is a great consolation for the rest of us. (John B. Moore)

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