The Los Angeles-based trio DWNTWN is happy to announce the forthcoming release of their debut album. Racing Time will be released on July 21 via Jullian Records. Today DWNTWN share the first single “Bloodshot Eyes,” which the band’s Jamie Leffler notes “was written during one of those times. I was stuck in what seemed an endless cycle going nowhere, super frustrated with where I was in life, and didn’t know how to change it. I kept making the same decisions and expecting different results, which is pretty much the definition of insanity. The song stands as a reminder to myself to create my own fate and not let fear govern my decisions.”

In addition to the band’s vocalist Leffler, DWNTWN is Robert Cepeda (guitar and vocals), and Daniel Vanchieri (drums). They have released three EPs to date, which drew attention both in both North America and Europe. The trio wraps sorrowful lyrics and sharp hooks in lush soundscapes on the LP, which was 2 years in the making. Racing Time finds the band baring both their songs and their souls — elements of which are evident with today’s “Bloodshot Eyes,” which features Leffler’s sweet spectral vocals. Lyrically, Racing Time explores relationships, coming of age, and the loss of Jamie’s father, former Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers’ bassist Howie Epstein, who tragically died of a heroin overdose when she was 14. The album’s release date has added significance as it comes out the day of her father’s birth.

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