Dyne Side have released their new album Immigrant – available now through iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify. To celebrate the release, the band also released a music video for their song “Exit Human” (watch it below), along with the full album stream.

The band commented on the meaning behind the album:

“We are Dyne Side. A band composed of three individuals from three very different families, all of whom are immigrants, from three wildly different countries — Colombia, Cuba, and Brazil. Though our families and their stories are uniquely varied, the reason for their sacrifices are one and the same if you were to ask them: it was all for us. They were after a better way of life, one full of opportunities to live out the American dream. They wanted us to have a chance to succeed in fulfilling our passions, something none of them could hope to achieve in their homelands.

Our guitarist, Eddie Salcedo, is a son to Colombian immigrants and one of three children. The Salcedo’s family struggle was intensified by the fact that his parents are both deaf. The choice they made to flee their country and leave their families, along with all their help, behind was an incredible risk to take and they took it boldly to ensure a better future for their children. Their being deaf meant his parents have never had the opportunity to know the extent of their son’s skill, but in spite of that they support his devotion and encourage dedication to his practice.

Ariel Ramirez is our bassist and the sole member of Dyne Side who is an actual immigrant in America. His family emigrated here from Cuba by boat in a harrowing journey; a story familiar to many Cuban families. Making the decision to take the 90 mile voyage with two children and risk their lives venturing out to sea was not a decision his parents made lightly. Emigrating from Cuba and settling in South Florida has been commonplace for many Cuban people, an act that has cost many of them their lives; knowing this the Ramirez family bravely embarked on the trip to escape the communism in the hopes they could provide more for their family than what their country could offer.

Finally, our multi-cultural vocalist: Emmanuel Costa Maya is a son of Colombian and Brazilian immigrants. Before meeting him, and changing the course of all our futures, he had enlisted in the United States Air Force. His parents abandoned everything they had ever known to come here to further their opportunities and build a life parallel to none in their countries. Emmanuel chose to honor those sacrifices and serve the country his parents took a gamble on. Our families left their families to give us a world where we could make something of ourselves. They succeeded by simply allowing us to pursue our dreams. We have come to realize that their actions have taught us everything we need to know in order to survive in this world – anything is possible with sacrifice, determination, and perseverance.

America provided the stage for us to showcase our talents, but without our parents and the struggles they endured to get us here Dyne Side would always only be a dream. We are Dyne Side because of them, but first, we are children of IMMIGRANTS.”

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