Sometimes a band will rise from the underground and straight up impress. Spine-tingling riffs and infectious rhythms come at the senses with a sonic barrage. Blackstone, MA rock & roll shredders Earthward got that going on and New Noise Magazine is premiering their music video for the badass track “Fashion Queen” today. Directed by Cody Millett, the video has shots of drummer Connor Houle, bassist Alex Leclaire and guitarist Ethan Hall playing in a shed while clips of a dog, fields and other random things fill the visual landscape. Florescent lights add a cool touch on a few scenes as well.

“We had the video concept for well over a year, we were just unsure of what song to use it for,” Houle says about the making of the video. “After recording ‘Fashion Queen’ and one other song at Converse Rubber Tracks, we were able to make the video happen with the help of our good friend Cody [Millett]. All of the scenes of us playing were filmed in a bee infested, cramped shed in my parents backyard. That was definitely the hottest day of summer for all of us. The rest of the scenes were just an accumulation of whatever we could find to run that cord through.”

Earthward has a couple shows happening in Worcester, MA with September 16 at Electric Haze and September 23 at Ralph’s Rock Diner. Until then, check out the video for “Fashion Queen” and rock out.


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