East Bay Punk supergroup Armstrongs—featuring Green Day’s Billie Joe, Operation Ivy/Rancid/Transplants’ Tim, SWMRS’ Joey and Rey Armstrong— have released their song “If There Was Ever A Time.” The punk tune was also featured in the documentary Turn It Around: The Story of East Bay Punk, which features footage from hundreds of shows, thousands of photos and, of course, interviews with musicians who played a pivotal role in creating the punk scene, directed by Corbett Redford.

Give it a listen below and know that the song is part of New Noise Magazine’s subscription flexi, coinciding with Issue #33, which is out now and available for purchase here. The magazine’s cover was done by Richie Bucher, who is known for Green Day’s Dookie cover and the magazine goes further into detail about the story of East Bay Punk with exclusive interviews and behind the scenes access about the impact of the East Bay Punk scene.

The flexi also has a limited run through Pirates Press, with benefits going to 924 Gilman.

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